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    Here joined the sys info list from Steam app.

    I hope to use Geforce RTX 3070 with FS2 (graphics perfs are rather good), but i don't know how to check this dynamically... It is true that Vulkan Error message from Vulkan render into the tm.log is :

    failed to find GPUs with Vulkan support!

    ERROR: (no suitable physical device)

    All seems as if FS2 didn't use the RTX graphic engine ?

    Also true that these protocols are a little beyond my computer science skills... :)

    Go to your user documents directory and locate the Aerofly FS 2 folder.

    Inside that folder you can find a main.mcf file which can be edited with a texteditor.

    Search for "graphics_use_vulkan" and change the value from true to false, save the file and restart Aerofly.

    If you have trouble changing the file you can also delete the main.mcf which will restore default settings.

    Many thanks Jan,

    Indeed, everything is back to normal and the app starts normally under OpenGL.

    On the other hand, I don't understand why Vulkan lacks resources to initialize? And how to correct this?

    Also, I just downloaded the latest version of FS2 and it had no effect on the Vulkan issue! And this last version installed by Steam this night has the same number as the previous one ( I don't understand anything anymore, but I would like to be able to use Vulkan like everyone else with this "Gamer" configuration!

    Many thanks for your help...

    Hello pilots (and IPACS team),

    HJelp ! After a lot of work to make FS 2 work with my VR headset and my HOTAS peripherals, I thought everything was won... Alas!

    Today, I had the bad idea to try to use FS 2 under Vulkan rather than OpenGL: I therefore have to restart FS 2 and since then the application crashes on startup with the message from Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator: "No suitable physical device"! While Vulkan is perfectly well used by X-Plane 11...

    How do I get out of this infinite loop and what file(s) should I delete to restore operation under Open GL?

    thanks in advance...

    Hello all,

    All is in the title ! My Realtek HP sound driver is tested and OK... I don't know the interest of Audio setting ON/OFF into the Stick/throttle settings, but I assigned a reverse button to be sure to maintain it ON, but... the Pitts engine (and others also) is always silent.

    Thank you in advance for your fertile suggestions... :)

    [COSED] All my tests had been carried out with different planes, but always departing from the same Californian airport... All I had to do was change the site and the engines sounds were working correctly again with all the planes I had tried... Only the god of computer can understand, no doubt...

    Hello IPACS support,

    No mean to get VR cockpit image into my Quest 2 ! Configuration : PC ASUS ROG Strix G533 laptop - Headset : Oculus Quest 2 linked by cable to PC - FS2 loaded via Steam and SteamVR -

    Starting process : PC running Oculus Link > Steam > Steam VR - Quest starting connection via Oculus Link (Rift universe) and I get after a short time a new home (Steam VR) with all VR Apps installed via Steam on shelves (including FS2 that I activate with my headset joystick). Into headset, I see an FS2 splash screen with text "next..." and nothing changes into the Quest ! For PC, FS2 is normally loaded with VR settings added . If I start the fly, it stays displayed on PC screen but headset movements are applied to the PC 2D picture, but nothing changes into the Quest...

    In fact, the sending of the image in the headset does not seem to be done...

    Fore info, MSFS 2020 and X-Plane launched by same methods work fine...

    Thanks in advance for your help... :)

    Hello MartinM,

    Beginner with Aerofly FS 2 AND PC Win10 : For me also, My Oculus Quest 2 Headset correctly connected with its high throughput cable does'nt run in VR mode with Steam FS2 configuration : I have just into headset a 3D blue panel with a central LearJet photo and a bottom sibyllin comment say'ing "loading..." and all stays in this state ! On the PC, FS2 is running "normally in flat world" as he had not seen a VR headset was connected...

    Naturally, from steam FS launching, I have chosen "VR launching Oculus"...

    I have checked VR configuration instructions into main.mcf file : just <[bool][vr_render_native_view_on_screen][true]> instruction was false rather true like yours... I have changed it to true without any result !

    My questions are : does Oculus Quest 2 use WMR ? If yes, how could I see it runs and runs as it must ?

    How I can see if OpenXR uses Steam VR or WMR ?

    Ooooh ! I have found something wrong : looking panel "Steam systrm information" int Steam app : I see = "No VR headset detected" !!!

    Not good ! But i don't know why Steam don't see the Quest 2 after loading "Quest desktop" into headset proving that "physical and logical" connections are OK... Any idea to make Steam "to see" the Quest ?

    Many thanks by advance... :)

    I have just posted a similar issue as a new thread, but mine is with the G2. Exactly as yours though, says launching in the headset, but doesn't only on the monitor and no VR option in settings either.


    Here is my great wish : great hope than 2022 give us our paid versions of Aerofly FS2 working in VR with our Oculus Quest 2 ! I begin to pray... pray... pray...

    -For Klinger66UK info : If my first tests was with FS2 DVD boxed version, I have bought Steam version (great Christmas discount) and after choosing "VR Oculus" version into the steam app asking me to choose a version.... All is exactly the same ! No VR into the headset...

    -For TomC RLG, when I speak from blue panel with Learjet photo, it is only a 3D panel like others 3D panels produced on "3D virtual desktop" of Oculus Quest but not a full blue screen like PC users could know... :)

    I hope an IPAC engineer will quickly read this post and give us some interesting advices to finally make FS2 work for us...

    Thanks for info Tom,

    I'm trying to follow your loading process right away, but once on the "RIFT desktop" how do you select Steam VR (and choosing the right version)? The "Applications" key opens for me an empty black panel with o,ly a key at the bottom for a virtual keyboard? Maybe this is my anomaly? However, I get a panel of VR favorites with the FS2 icon present. if I activate it, an alert sound from the PC which opened a SteamVR dialogue asking me if I confirm that I want to launch a SteamVR app from the headset. I validate and Steam VR launches FS2 which waits quietly on its home screen while the headset displays a panel with a photo of the Learjet and a mention at the bottom "loading ..." which never succeeds .... Something is misconfigured, but what ??? Mystery!

    I hope you understand my bad english... :/

    In response to the suggestion of IPACS support, I will transcribe here my last tests and their disappointing result for the members of the developer forum:

    Following consultation of the WiKi FS2, I proceed now as follows:
    1- When the Oculus Quest 2 headset is properly connected to the PC as indicated by the Windows Oculus application, I launch the version of the "start" group of Aerofly with the tag (Start in Oculus VR mode)
    2- Into the headset, the "Oculus Link" virtual desktop is replaced by a single blue panel with the image of the "Learjet 45" and the following mentions:
    "Aerofly FS2 Flight Simulator"
    Executable main
    "loading ..."
    And ... nothing more happens in the headset which remains frozen on this panel during...
    On the PC, FS2 is loaded as usual on its home menu and executes its commands normally without worrying about the headset …

    I would add that the same physical and software configuration works perfectly in VR with another flight simulator (X-Plane 11) where we activate the use of the link by a checkbox of preferences and is therefore not "automatic " like here.

    Many thanks by advance for your help

    Yes, all process you describe is correctly executed... By order :

    -A file transfer authorization screen between the PC and the headset

    -A guardian definition or validation followed by virtual Oculus dashboard apparition

    -An invitation to make the link by quick settings with the app Oculus link followed by screen ads for Rift games now downloadable into the Quest

    At this moment the link process is completed and I can load a VR app running on Windows and displayed into the headset after authorization into the VR app... But at this moment, when I load FS2 : nothing relative to VR...

    A question : FS2 runs on C:/ at your house ?

    I think "YES", because to get the "VR flying dashboard" on the Quest, you must enable the headset into Oculus WIN app and see the green light of the correct link between headset and PC. All this has no still dependance with which VR app you will load after...

    I suspect the steam version and the standalone DVD version to have perhaps different behaviour ? My only "specificity" perhaps is to have installed FS2 on an DDS external memory linked in the fastest USB3 port of my laptop... (X-Plane also without worry...)

    Thank you for your answer.

    Alas, when I have Quest connected (visible into device choice of Oculus app) and rift store menu into the headset, I load FS2 on the PC and I have no suggestion or option to restart... Neither VR options in the settings ! FS2 runs standalone as usual...

    Just a question : Have you the DVD FS2 version or the steam one ?

    The connection is more easy with X-Plane : after the same process than above, we have a VR dialog with only a check box to open connection and starting VR usage...

    Hello everyone,

    I recently acquired FS2 PC DVD version in the hope of using it in VR with my Oculus Quest 2 headset (which works perfectly with X-Plane 11) and its connection to my Asus ROG Strix15 laptop via the Oculus optical fiber cable.

    Alas: no reference to VR settings in FS2 settings !! My questions are:

    Does FS2 works in VR with DVD version?

    Does FS2 VR works with Oculus Quest 2

    Why don't I have the VR settings available despite a complete re-installation of Aerofly FS2?

    Many thanks in advance for your help! 8)