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    Hi Joer

    Sorry to hear you are still having problems. I have made a few photos which show how my DX9 is connected using the extra lead that I made up.

    If you take note of the connections on the photos, you may have connected them incorrectly, took me a couple of goes to get it right. If you need more help don't hesitate to ask. I found it frustrating at first.



    I bought this kit.…aeroflyrc7.html

    And the small adapter was included.



    What you require in addition to the leads you have is a stereo phone socket connected to a mono phono plug. The connections used on the socket are the two that the end of the male stereo plug will connect to, not the one that is connected to the outer case of the socket. Thats it mine now works fine. If you need more help I will take some photos for you, really very simple to make. I use a DX9 by the way.