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    The repaint.tmr is also a legacy file, you should use the new options.tmc if possible.

    Instead of dashes or hyphens you can use underscores.

    Hi Jan,

    Where can we get the options.tmc file? I've downloaded 3 of the SDKs recently and they all had the repaint.tmr file.

    Also, is there plans for more SDKs such as A320 and others?

    Cheers, Andy.

    Thank you for your kind words and offer of a donation. Please pass it on to "Higgy" to keep the server running as without this I would not be able to share my work.

    Yup, already did this last night! The hosting is appreciated as much as the time of the creators!

    Thanks Andy, I have made the Channel Islands many times for FSX and P3D so I will look to doing it again for the FS 2 community this time in higher resolution photo scenery as its only two size 9 tiles for Guernsey and Jersey.

    Cheers Michael.

    Thanks Michael. If you are looking for any image editing assistance then please reach out.

    Hi "donka",

    I'm looking at the Channel Islands as the next project, what other islands did you have in mind?

    Cheers Michael.

    Hi Michael,

    I was just teasing on the other islands - if you consider the british commonwealth then you have the likes of the Caribbean, islands in the Pacific, even Australia etc. :)

    On a serious note though, the Channel Islands would be a great option given the proximity to UK and mainland Europe.

    Cheers, Andy.

    IZ0JUB Once you have had a rest, would it be posisble to summarise or share some notes on the tools used, best practices and other observations during this marathon session? I would love to contibute some scenery too but this for me is the inspiration and template!

    Fanfare? Fireworks? Brass band? or do we have some small islands remaining?

    Channel islands for one. I could name some more but don't want to get into a politcal mess. Let's enjoy what we have. :)

    IZ0JUB if you have some way of accepting donations, I would love to buy you a beer or two (or coffee) to say thanks.

    You can already effecively do that on the mobile app, granted there isn't much in the way of detail to look at during cruise. You could effectivel fly Denver to NY if it was added without the need for sceneries inbetween. The cruise won't look as good as IF but the localised regions and airports would look way better!

    Yes, always try to use the drivers directly from the manufacturer. Also, make sure that Aerofly is running on the AMD video card and not the INTEL if its equipped

    Yup, the Hades Canyon is a curious beast, Intel i7 8809G paired with AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH. Definitely using the AMD GPU but 'officially', only Intel supply the drivers for the AMD GPU since it was a custom solution for their powerful NUC and Intel didn't have a suitable solution ready. The i7 has embedded Intel HD 630 graphics. MSI Afterburner confims AMD being used during testing with OpenGL.

    The driver supplied by Intel is a rebranded AMD driver and control panel though so I'll give the latest official AMD driver a test over the next couple of days now others are reporting it works. The performance improvement with Vulkan genuinely shocked me so if I can clean up these visual anomalies I'll be a happy man!

    Thanks both.

    I'll give it a try this evening. Incidentally, I'm on the latest drivers but they are supplied by Intel due to it being a custom AMD GPU for their NUC and nearly a year old now! I've read people have had success running the latest official AMD drivers so will explore that.

    I'm fairly new to AF2 on Windows (long time on mobile) but wanted to ask about VULKAN support and if there is still refinements happening or known issues with it? I'm seeing some visual anomalies but the performance of it is great. This is with the non beta Steam version.

    I'm running an Intel Hades Canyon with the AMD Radeon Vega M GH GPU. I have FPS cap at 120 and running at 1440p with medium settings. Under OpenGL, I can start in the Dash at Newark and get 120fps but when flying over upper Manhattan and approaching LaGuardia it dips down to around 60 fps. If I do the exact same trip under VULKAN, it remains solid at 120fps all the way - a great improvement for my set up. The only issue with VULKAN are some visual things like a black shimmering instead of bright reflections on the aircraft or weird building textures at Newark at night time. Are these known issues or is this specific to my setup?

    Do you see the propeller speed going down?

    Yes, it shows this in the cockpit and you can hear a subtle noise like the props are spinning up or down but it is very subtle and it seems like it is the general engine noise that doesn’t change when lowering the power. The aircraft also loses speed accordingly so it just appears to be this noise that isn’t responding.