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    Thanks for the explanation Jan. Always good to hear the thoughts behind decisions. Does that mean the A380 may disappear from the mobile version when the next update hits?

    Serious question.

    I'm a mobile user and like the A380 and now looking to pick up the Mac version. I'm curious as to why there is not aircraft parity? Indeed this is a scenario where the mobile version has something the desktop doesn't and it would be a real shame to throw away something as unique as the A380.

    Now the Mac version is out, are there any tools we can use to create user content on the Mac? Even for repaints of existing aircraft - I read there is a paint kit or similar but not sure if it is Windows only.

    Yes, there has been lots of progress on the desktop side and I can see the team are very busy. It would just be nice to see some kind of roadmap or plans for the future of the mobile version other than teases on social media of things that may or may not come to the mobile version.

    I think the silence speaks volumes! Not being critical, I love AF2 on mobile but we had to wait almost a year for a bug fix and there has been no commitment to new content and fresh content is exactly what this app needs.

    Ah, apologies. Between this and the other thread I was hopeful the iOS beta had been resurrected. The crashing issues are unfortunately an AF2 thing so doubt iOS 11 will improve it any.

    I have reported this a couple of times when the last iOS version was released so the devs are aware of this crashing issue but have never released a fix. This is my biggest issue with the state of the mobile version. The very least we should expect is a fix for such an issue while they focus on the desktop version. Don't hold your breath for a fix anytime soon!

    Been trying out AF2 on the iPad Pro 10.5 and it is a great experience, the loading times are so quick, everything is running buttery smooth and the increase in screen size is noticeable. It would be great if the mobile version continued to take advantage of this power.

    Hi Jan,

    I genuinely do hope that is the case and I'm happy to be patient knowing there will be new content down the line. I'm concerned that we have critical bugs though that have remained for 6 months without even an acknowledgement. That doesn't fill me with confidence, especially when it is similar to previous bugs that were addressed so the resolution is likely known.