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    So Aerofly deleted my post that firmly, but truthfully, in my opinion, criticised their latest offering. Hmmm. rather than come back with a reply, they simply deleted my post! it's called, Censorship! Thanks guys. You know, I already bought your first Aerofly app and paid for extra addon aircraft, so I'm not exactly a hater. Anyway, now I know where you guys are at. Anything you don't like, we get told to either 'Not Mention it', or you simply delete posts.

    Still no 'Replay' Mode then? According to a review I just read on the iTunes App Store. Haven't the Devs been listening to it's customer/fan base? This was one of the most 'Wanted' features!

    Another review states there's not much difference to the first Aerofly app and isn't pleased with the weather variations. What's up with that then?

    I'm waiting for more reviews and thoughts and opinions on the new version.

    IPACS Support.

    I respect your forum rules and I myself will be careful not to mention other simulators myself. However, with respect, your post appears to be highly hypocritical because I've read lot's of posts scattered throughout the forum giving reference to another well known mobile simulator when comparing to Aerofly. In fact, IPACS Support has even joined in one or two of the threads that mention the other simulator.
    Just an observation.

    Hello everybody and thank you for your understanding. We want to give an update on the current status of Aerofly 2, the successor of aerofly FS on iOS.

    Thank you for the update. Really looking forward to it. I just hope Apple don't dither too long. They have often taken a while to release apps onto the store.

    Whole world engine, so in theory you can fly around the while globe

    What does this mean exactly,..'In Theory'? Either we can or we can't surely or is it something to do with the way you will provide extra parts of the globe as addon scenery over time thus giving the flyer the opportunity to fly longer uninterrupted routes. Sorry if you've explained this elsewhere already. Thanks.

    Hi IPACS Support,

    Aerofly 2 is looking good so far from the screenshots!!! I also don't mind buying the app again. My concern is around the planes that I have already been bought from Aerofly 1. Will there be a way of restoring purchases from AF into AF 2? At the very least, the price of these purchases should be reduced. I think this is something you should consider or I might skip the sequel altogether!

    Please support the Developers and just pay the money!!! It's less than the price of a DVD or a few MP3s. This is a total re-working of the app, not just a simple update to the existing one.

    The Developers work hard to bring these games/simulators, to us for our enjoyment. How will they eat and pay their bills if they do all this work for practically nothing!

    I was a child/teenager during the 60s and 70s and we had absolutely NOTHING like this! No PCs, Games Consoles or mobile devices, so people my generation really appreciate and embrace todays technology when it comes to gaming. Not all, but a lot of todays generation take everything for granted and expect lots of free stuff.

    Anyway, I don't really think you're going to skip Aerofly 2 because it's going to be epic!

    Cranking up the brightness when playing games can also drain the battery a lot quicker too. I have an iPhone 6 and the most I've experienced is the device gets a little warm after prolonged use when playing Aerofly/Infinite Flight, but that's to be expected. I've never experienced a device running hot. Now that is a tad worrying. Especially if the OP has to turn the device off to let it cool down as he mentions.

    If you do manage to get to try this, I'd be interested in the outcome. I need a Lightning cable for my device but haven't got one yet as they are pretty expensive. When I last used my USB/HDMI adaptor on my previous Gen device, my aircraft tracking app called Flightradar24 looked pretty stunning on a big screen with no lag. I didn't have any flight sims at that time to try so can't report on how well they might have looked. Not all of my apps seem to be supported for this configuration though meaning you had to zoom in to get rid of black borders thus losing resolution.