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    They've just posted some of Q400 pictures on their desktop forum, and since the progress is parallel, I imagine that the Q400 on mobile will just be slower-resolution one. Also, I won't worry about Aerofly being finished any time soon, since IF has always been focusing on quantity over quality. They've got land carved out to be a specific area like London, but it's not London itself. For this and other reasons I switched over to Aerofly. For me at least, the main contender is X-Plane mobile. I thinks the developers also know why I say that, in the newest version. Anyway, hope to see Aerofly continuing to improve, and release periodic updates on the mobile version!

    I'm starting this thread because I'm seriously looking into buying the iPad Pro 9.7. However, I'm not sure how much performance I can get out of it, like how future-proof it is. IPACS developers, how long do you think this iPad would last me, before it would fall into today's iPad Air (mid-performance) category? How many features can you throw at it before it becomes laggy?

    Also, the other option is the iPad Air 2. Obviously, the graphics of iPad Pro is much better, but the multi-core CPU performance doesn't show much of a gain, mainly because A8X is a tri-core CPU while A9X is a dual-core CPU. While single-core performance of A9X greatly beats A8X, that is mostly made up in A8X's extra core. Does Aerofly primarily run on 1 core, or does it equally use all the cores?

    Thanks, and best of luck to future developments!

    Yay, it worked! I can finally do some city runs, thanks :)! Anyway, I'm planning to purchase the new iPad pro, because my iPad air storage is running dangerously low (16gb). Plus, the camera is really attractive. I think I'll get the 32gb version, because I don't see Aerofly 2 exceeding 20gb anytime soon. It's going to be essentially an exclusive flight-sim device. Too bad it has only 2GB ram, or else it would really be future-proofing.

    Now that you brought it up, I noticed that the iPad couldn't be put in portrait mode by rotation, and I tried x-plane (horrible flight dynamics), and it behaves the same way. It really is something with my iPad.

    pretty sure it's a hardware issue, my autopilot's not on. I can use autopilot for the turns, but not in manual. Oh well, i'm getting the supposedly-going-to-be-launched iPad Air 3 soon anyway.

    I had this problem with the latest version of AF2 on iPad Air. I had the beta version for a few weeks (this was a while ago) without any issue, but one day I played it, and I cannot use the aileron. The pitch control was fine, but when I rolled my device, the plane does not bank. I thought that it must be something with the beta, so I just deleted it today, and got the released version. Turns out, the same thing happens with the released version as well, and I can't get the plane to turn. This happens with all aircrafts. The analog mode works fine, and it's weird that the beta, for a few weeks, was fine.
    Any clue why this is happening? Is it a software bug, or some hardware issue with my accelerometer? Thanks!

    It's a very solid update for me, tons of bugs squashed, no crash to date on iPad Air, I love this update a lot, and can't wait for the next! I don't mind not having the graphics option, but I think it'll be very helpful to have a fuel and weight panel, because right now it's like every plane's on full fuel, and it's hard to get to FL350 and above.

    Hi, developers, first of all, great scenery, So-Cal is one of my favourite places to fly, especially around KSAN, and I'm really glad you've done it. I have a bit of problem with how it is stored on the device. Apparently it's stored in a cache, and I use a cache cleaner often, so you can imagine every time I clean 1GB, and have to download everything again. There should be a better way to store the scenery, as it doesn't happen with other apps involving downloaded IAPs. The other problem, which happened to me once, is that the files are somehow modified, and Aerofly 2 doesn't recognize it, so even if I have everything downloaded, it prompts me to download it again. When I cleaned out the cache, it cleaned out a whopping 3GB. Don't know how that happened, but it's quite annoying to download the scenery again and again. I'd love it if the scenery can be better stored in the next update. Also, a minor issue is the lack of PAPI in KLAX. Other than that, great scenery! I'd like to request extending the scenery northward, all the way to CYVR, because that's where I live, and it's an often-ignored region, as most sceneries in Pacific Northwest are around KSEA. Satellite imagery, though gorgeous, takes up a lot of space, so maybe autogen would work in some regions. Thanks for this scenery, and happy new year!

    Oh man, it's great to hear that I can fly to KSAN now! It's one of my favourite airports, especially with the gorgeous steep approach. The navigation is a nice addition as well. I'm wondering, however, if you would add a simulation rate function in the next update, so we don't have to leave our devices on for a long time, and insread fast forward to the descend point. That would be really useful! Anyway, great update, as always :)

    For me, iPad Air, for airliners the frame drops significantly (Less than 10 possibly) when I'm really close to touchdown at KSFO. You can tell that there's a sudden frame drop, and everything is a bit laggy until you touchdown, then it'd be smooth again. KSFO is the most obvious one, but other has slight frame drops too. Can't say much about other planes, because don't fly them often. Though, I have to say that King Air is really heavy on the frames, like you can just feel it's creating a lot of lag.

    The latest iOS is great, but not for AF. The sky colour is dark blue, even at noon. (iPad 3) So, until they fix it, probably don't update.

    Also, a question to dev, you know Apple's App Thinning feature -- it's supposed to reduce app size, but my app is still 1.6gb. Do I have to redownload for a smaller version? Thanks!