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    Telluride also has taxiway lighting. I would love to see it come to more airports, at least the big ones like SFO, LAX, LAS, SLC, and LSZH

    Ever since I updated my 2017 iPad to IOS 13, the gaming performance has really slowed down. With IOS 12, it ran Aerofly FS 2019 really smoothly, and then after the update the frame rates dropped to probably 10-15. Same with 2020. And it’s not just Aerofly. Every game has suffered. My iPhone 8 Plus does not have the same problem. It runs everything really smooth. Anyone else have the same issue?

    I tried KLAX to LSZH on my phone a couple years ago when it was first possible. It was incredibly boring and a huge waste of time. You can fly the heavies between the big airports and you have the 737 or A320 or Dash 8 for anything else in the regions, like a 1 or 2 hour flight which is plenty. What I’m hoping for is more scenery in Europe (France please?? 😀)

    I think it’s a mistake to release a new mobile version every year. I fear IPACS will alienate their mobile fans. I understand the financial reasoning, but it would be better to update the basic mobile app and have in-app purchases or even a subscription system. There are plenty of other apps (including other flight sims) that drop compatibly for certain devices as they are updated.
    That being said, I will buy it the moment it’s released because your sims are the best.

    I would love to see more regions. As nice as they are, we have always been stuck with California or Switzerland in the mobile version, whether it was Aerofly FS, FS 2, or FS 2019. It might be time to add a little more variety in the sim!

    Same issue with gates on iPhone 8 plus. There are gates in Switzerland (thanks for fixing Zurich!) but no gates in California.

    It works just fine, no need to have the apu on. Battery master, main batt, standby batt, and aux batt all to ON. Turn the engine with start select switch, and bring the condition lever from FUEL OFF to START AND FEATHER when NH is between 10-20%. You can shut down and start the engines all day long.

    This doesn't look right. Can you tell us your exact iPad model numer and iOS version, please be as detailed as possible!

    The device in question is an iPhone 8 plus model number MQ8T2LL/A, ios 12.3.1, 64 gb with about 27 gb free. Also I deleted aerofly and did a clean fresh install. I restarted the device and no other apps are running in the background. There are no static aircraft in Zurich and that airport is missing several buildings. Other airports seem to be unaffected.

    My 2017 ipad (5th generation) does not have this problem. It shows all buildings and static aircraft.

    Loving the update! I deleted it and reinstalled, but my phone is still missing some buildings in Zurich. Here is a picture that shows the area around the tower. Also, in the picture, the cumulus layer is set to the lowest altitude. I hope these issues can be fixed. In the California region, you can set the cloud layer and get a sense of a low ceiling. Not so in the Switzerland region. Interestingly, my 2017 ipad is NOT missing any Zurich buildings.

    Great new update! Thank you! I'm just reporting a couple of issues:

    1- the cumulus cloud height layer doesn't change in Switzerland when I change it in the settings. Clouds in that region seem stuck at one altitude. But interestingly, the cloud settings work just fine in California

    2- Zurich Airport for me is missing a large portion of terminal buildings, including the large iconic glass building and the terminal where the tower sits, and I still have no static aircraft at that airport. IPhone 8 plus ios 12.2

    But I'm so excited for this update! 😀