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    It works just fine, no need to have the apu on. Battery master, main batt, standby batt, and aux batt all to ON. Turn the engine with start select switch, and bring the condition lever from FUEL OFF to START AND FEATHER when NH is between 10-20%. You can shut down and start the engines all day long.

    This doesn't look right. Can you tell us your exact iPad model numer and iOS version, please be as detailed as possible!

    The device in question is an iPhone 8 plus model number MQ8T2LL/A, ios 12.3.1, 64 gb with about 27 gb free. Also I deleted aerofly and did a clean fresh install. I restarted the device and no other apps are running in the background. There are no static aircraft in Zurich and that airport is missing several buildings. Other airports seem to be unaffected.

    My 2017 ipad (5th generation) does not have this problem. It shows all buildings and static aircraft.

    Loving the update! I deleted it and reinstalled, but my phone is still missing some buildings in Zurich. Here is a picture that shows the area around the tower. Also, in the picture, the cumulus layer is set to the lowest altitude. I hope these issues can be fixed. In the California region, you can set the cloud layer and get a sense of a low ceiling. Not so in the Switzerland region. Interestingly, my 2017 ipad is NOT missing any Zurich buildings.

    Great new update! Thank you! I'm just reporting a couple of issues:

    1- the cumulus cloud height layer doesn't change in Switzerland when I change it in the settings. Clouds in that region seem stuck at one altitude. But interestingly, the cloud settings work just fine in California

    2- Zurich Airport for me is missing a large portion of terminal buildings, including the large iconic glass building and the terminal where the tower sits, and I still have no static aircraft at that airport. IPhone 8 plus ios 12.2

    But I'm so excited for this update! 😀

    Do you have any plans to improve the readability on the wording on some of the buttons and switches? Some have clear labels, such as the 172. Some have fair readability, like the Q400. Some are just unreadable, like the Learjet and the overhead panel on the A320. I had to reference the tutorial for the Learjet because I simply can't read what the buttons are, especially on a small screen like a phone but even on the larger screen of the ipad.

    This update with cockpit interaction is amazing!!! It's running great on iPhone 8 plus. What you have achieved on such small screens is nothing less than magic. It's accessible for beginners but complex enough for people like me (professional pilot) to fly the aircraft like they are meant to be flown (for the most part).

    For me, I just want to request 2 things:

    1) More places to fly in this amazing sim! I would glad pay $$$ and devote more storage space to add more scenery.

    2)Landing lights that illuminate the ground. I'm not a computer guy so I don't know if it's feasible, but it would take night flying to the next level.

    I have used the sim more and am getting more comfortable with the way the copilot works, however, there is a problem at least with the Dash. Once the copilot has been engaged, and then later disengaged, the aircraft flies like it has full nose up trim, which makes it nearly impossible to control in pitch. Also, I would prefer a fully manual mode with an autopilot interface. It wouldn't take up anymore space on the screen than the current set up. I would prefer to extend and retract the gear and flaps as I please, not as the copilot thinks it should be.

    But again, well done! It's a really awesome flight sim.

    What are the issues that you have and what the problems that you experience?

    The issue I had was with the Dash 8. I flew it around a little trying to figure out how to use copilot (I think the older version is much better). I turned it off and that's when the problems began. After lowering landing gear and trying to extend flaps (it wouldn't let me select flaps), the airplane became nearly impossible to control in roll and pitch. Then the gear raised on its own.

    Disappointed its an entirely new app, but it is amazing! The main issue I have is with the new Copilot. It is not intuitive and I have had problems flying with it. Please please please add Utah/Nevada, Florida, New York and Switzerland! I would gladly devote the storage space on my device and pay for the addons

    I know this is on the PC thread, but I still hold a small glimmer of hope for updating the mobile version. Aerofly 2 is still the best sim for mobile. There is a large audience to be found on the platform. That being said, a search on the U.S. apple app store today for “flight simulator” shows Aerofly 2 as #107 on the list (most of which aren’t even flight simulators). I wonder what affects the spot on the list: maybe number of reviews, time since last update, etc? Something could be done to increase its visibility. I’ll keep hoping.

    Its an absolute shame the mobile version has been forgotten by the developers. X plane recently released an update with a fully programmable FMC, while Infinite Flight is on the brink of releasing its remarkable "global" update. I had high hopes for this sim, but it's been ignored. Sad!

    It's too bad IPACS doesn't pay attention to their mobile fan base. IOS users have waited patiently for 6+ months. And I don't remember the last time Android was updated! This is ridiculous! I'm logging out of the forum. You can find me over at infinite flight. At least they engage with their users.

    Dear IPACS,

    Please update us more often on what is going on! It has been almost 4 months since the last Facebook post. And the forum is nearly silent. One of your main competitors is very active in Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And they have a thriving community forum. They use it to build hype for upcoming features and to connect with users. To be honest, you risk losing your mobile audience when you don't communicate. For instance, you teased the 777 months ago with no word since. You even teased a Robinson helicopter years(?) ago with nothing since.

    A concerned but dedicated user

    It took a little while to learn the quirks and limitations of the copilot in Aerofly 2 on ios. I wonder if in the future, we can have traditional autopilot controls (like LNAV, Approach mode, etc.) The copilot will fly the plane into a mountain because it's so eager to descend to 2000 above the runway too early. Also when I stay higher arriving to an airport, then go back to the "route" as flown by the copilot, the plane goes into a 30-40 degree climb, instead of capturing the glideslope.