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    The massive wing of the A380 has a pronounced droop when the aircraft is on the ground. Can that be implemented in the future in the sim? The Aerofly 747 has wing droop

    Yes the cockpits are drawn in external view and there are some parked airplanes! It lags a little but I don't care

    Thank you for 2.4.7! It runs beautifully on my 32 bit iPhone 5. I hope support continues for these devices

    It's an iPhone 5 ios 10.1.1. The last version worked fine although it sometimes lagged a little since it's an older phone. With the new update I can get into the menu. I see the F-15 and Switzerland as new in app purchases. But when I press start to fly, it shows "loading" for several seconds then crashes. I tried with different aircraft, locations, and various settings. Crashes every time.

    Just personal preference. Automation dependence is a very real issue in the industry, and I've observed it countless times on jumpseats on both major and regional carriers in the U.S.

    I flew the Embraer 145 regional jet which seats 50 (same as Dash 8-300) and has gross weight of about 50,000 lbs, a little more than the -300 at 43,000 lbs. The main reason I prefer the Dash is because it can do things jets can't. For example, we could hold 180 kts to a five mile final to fit in with jet traffic, then slow to ref speed and land and stop in about 1200 feet. Also ATC would give us clearances to us that they wouldn't give to jets like the ILS 15R circle to land 4L at KBOS or the Anacostia River Visual 33 at KDCA. Can't speak to Boeing and Airbus, but I have been on the Jumpseat plenty of times. I saw a lot of jet pilots that were overly dependent on automation.

    With over 3000 hours flying the Dash 8 (100 and 300) I feel I should weigh in. I've never flown the q400 but the 100 and 300 are an absolute pleasure to fly, a real pilots airplane. I have over 1000 hours on jets and personality would prefer the Dash any day.

    I hope customizable graphic settings can be extended to more devices in the future. Maybe with a disclaimer on the settings page to warn users?

    I like the new update, aerofly 2 is still the best mobile flight sim. That said, I've read on other threads that the iPad has a graphics setting that the iPhone does not. Will this be included in future updates on the iPhone?

    I just got my hands on the new update with an iPhone 6. Overall, it's a great update. It was disappointing to see the iPhone 6 does not render the new shadows or the cockpits in the external view. I've also noticed a couple issues with green airport surfaces and pink scenery.