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    I know there's still a bunch of you guys being "addicted" to Track IR or triple monitor setups for your simming BUT..
    Oculus just recently dropped their's Rift price by 100$. When you get Rift + Touch bundle it only comes to £598 now.
    I can very much recommend this solution for any kind of PC simulation. It's impossible to describe in plain words, what you get through VR headset and smooth running, beautiful looking sim like FS2.

    Just get your wife's credit card and BUY IT!! :)

    Ditto. The immersion is amazing.

    The suggested solution in the steam community does not produce the desired results as each "view" or camera rotates (rolls) independently of the other. It only seems to work if the left and right monitor are at 90deg to the main center screen.

    To achieve a better FOV, I used the same example code to define a single view with 100% coverage and altered the field_of_view_factor.

    But a later beta release broke the click locations in the cockpit, so I reverted back.

    I used this code in the 'Documents/Aerofly FS 2/main.mcf' file.....

    [INDENT] <[list_tmsettings_separate_3d_view][separate_3d_view_list][]
    [INDENT] <[float64][x][0]>

    I don't think the mouse click problem has been fixed.

    Thanks Cavendish, that explains why I see the shadow detail change in some cases.

    This happens inside the cockpit, close to the flight panels, and only in certain sections of the cockpit.

    So a cockpit which has a few bright sections (illuminated by the sun coming through the windows) has one bright patch which gains and loses the shadows as you rotate your head in VR, but other bright sections remain constant. It seems like a little more tweaking may be required.

    Not a huge issue, but still noticeable in VR in the 737 cockpit.

    There are still some odd things happening with cockpit shadows in VR.

    Load the 737 and fly south east at a time of day where there are bright patches on the cockpit panel (sun shining through the windows)

    As you move your head around , looking at some parts of the illuminated areas, the shadows of the instrument bezels appear and disappear.

    Sometimes the shadows fade but don't disappear completely.

    Once this catches your eye, moving your head slightly back and forth makes the shadows appear and disappear. There's an odd faint "line" which moves across the textures as well. This occurs with both inside and outside views.

    Whats the best way to capture a video whilst in CV1 VR, so I can post an example of what I'm describing? I tried using the microsoft game capture but it complained that there was nothing to capture.

    I would like to see your "glamor shots", can you please post them here for me? Please go to the advanced post editor in this forum when answering and use the code # element, so that I can just copy paste the code with the correct indentation.


    Here you go.

    Note: these views are optimized for VR use. They include [Direction] and [X0] keywords so the rotations work in both VR and Non VR modes. I think VR mode ignores the [Direction] values and always points to "0,0,0" degrees. But VR still accepts the [X0] values so this is a good way to have different settings for VR and NonVR.

    PS. Would be nice if we had a tool to help us come up with these numbers ;)

    What the external views need now, is some "Wingman Cam" aircraft drift (like in DCS) to add to the realism (as though your flying along side rather than the plane being "glued" to your camera. eg: It's pretty amazing in VR.

    New 737 Views

    Tweaked Existing 737 Views

    New 747 Views

    The latest beta (Sept 9) has shadow pop under certain circumstances when rotating the view in VR and NonVR mode.

    Scenario .....

    Fly the 737 North over SanFrancisco in sunlight (23hrs).

    Select the view beneath the aircraft. (Undercarraige View)

    Observe the left engine as you rotate your view from left to right. The shadows pop on and off.

    In VR mode, this is also noticeable if you go to external view and rotate to be under the aircraft looking up. As you rotate under the plane, you see the shadow pop on/off across the whole aircraft.

    Running all graphics settings on Ultra. GTX980ti.

    Thanks Jet-Pack, those are keyboard modifier combinations.

    I mean pressing buttons on your controllers so you don't touch the keyboard (especially useful in VR)

    eg: On the Hotas or Yoke. Press button 3 toggles Gear. Hold button 1 AND press button 3 toggles the lights.

    Simply allowing 2 buttons to be combined reveals all sorts of extra combinations. You don't even have to specifically assign a "toggle" button, just allow more than one button simultaneously. The user can determine how to set things up to suit the hardware.

    You could set up 2 toggle buttons and effectively triple the number of assignments to the same hardware. Especially if the combinations can be applied across more than one controller.

    It works brilliantly in Elite Dangerous.

    Elite dangerous allows the user to assign controller button combinations.

    Eg, hold one button to act like a mode switch, then all your other buttons do a different function.

    This is achieved simply by allowing the user to hold down more than one button when assigning functions. This can double or even triple the number of assignments and combinations available.

    All games should do this. FS2 users could benefit greatly from this.