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    Currently using RC7 Ultimate on Mac still on Mojave on extremely capable 12-core MacPro 5.1 with a Radeon RX 580 GPU 8Gb, running off SSDs

    Just wondered if RC8 for Mac is now optimised for "Metal" GPUs, and if the old screen-tearing issues were ever solved when playing back Recordings? I'm recording to NVMe Raid so all the bandwidth one could ever need.

    Just so frustrated with RC7's recordings even with Sim at 0.5x, and recording at 60fps

    Using iTube Studio for screen recordings and then converting to ProRes after that. The MP4 compression is too much for my liking too.

    bartokwhite We have plans to release aerofly RC 8 for Mac OS as well. We would like to wait a little for user feedback first before doing this step.

    Well I'll certainly be first in line when you decide to do RC8 for Mac.

    I've found since moving to Mac OSX 10.13.6 that RC7 v7.53 ULTIMATE no longer works and the app crashes, so am hoping future development will solve this.

    I'd love to see more TrueScale models on RC8. I fly the P-51 Mustang all the time, plus double-sized Airwolf helicopter of course (I wish you'd change the pilots to have dark outfits + helmets to match the TV series though).

    I forgot to add the OS version:

    Mac OSX El Capitan (10.11.3)
    RC7 Version 7.4.7

    Same thing has happened to me on identical set-up, but on MacPro. Keeps saying it can't contact iTunes Store when it tries to restore purchases.

    I don't want to do a complete re-install as I'll lose all my edited Aircraft settings. Although I backed up my aircraft_mod and recordings folders separately.

    More bugs from RC7 it seems. First the graphics shearing (still not totally gone away and only patched with a bandage) and now this. It's obvious their focus is elsewhere at the moment (FS).


    Is there nothing else from RC7's preferences that could be dumped to reset iTunes Store Ultimate properly again.

    This is really directed to Aerofly developers and seem to be issues seen on other forums. Overall, Aerofly is excellent and possibly the best SIM on the market, but the entire top tier SIM's continue to get better. It has helped my flying immensely.

    1. On this forum many of the threads are in German and are of no help. I have selected English, but still see many in German. Could these be translated (also English to German or even other languages) somehow so we all can benefit.

    Steve O.

    Could the 'Google Translate' widget be integrated into the website & forum's code? I use it very successfully on every page of our website.

    I'd like to address the Field of View "Keep Ground in View" comment that Steve made above. To me, the only way to fix this would be multi-monitor support, similar to FSX, but then would the 360 views still work properly without a perspective re-work? Adobe have done a lot of work with Perspective Warp / Crop in Photoshop, but those are still images and not 60fps like RC7.

    Whilst the beginners market of Electrics and Foamies is certainly the real-world market, I, on the other hand would push for more of the "aspirational" models, especially more Scale & Turbine versions, and/or an increase in the size algorithms to be even larger than standard 150/200% depending on the model.

    More "Truescale" would be awesome too.

    But that's the trade off with trying to accommodate many different types of customers' views. My interest is with the the high-end models... the ones that cost WAY more to break than the electrics & foamies, and thus require much more practice!

    I agree, Jan.

    It's the one area of the Aerofly community that is exponentially smaller than your equivalent with FSX community. There are really only a tiny amount of add-ons for either RC7 or FS.

    Do you think it's because of the way Aerofly set up the software (as in it's not easy to develop new code / new aircraft), or is it simply a "numbers game" of not enough people using the software because it's seen by the RC/flight-sim mainstream consumers as a mainly, niche "German" language set of software? (even though we all know it's dual language).

    I would still love for somebody to "fix" the RC7 "Airwolf" model to be more authentic. It would require very little to make it correct.

    I'm a designer by profession, but wouldn't have the first clue where to start with this as the graphic formats are so customized and bespoke to RC7. It's not like one can re-texture map it easily, or anything.

    Was there a new default of blacked-out windows on Airwolf from this version?

    I still have my modified version and you can see through the windows, yet the new version has blacked-out windows?

    Is this a controllable option?

    I wish someone would actually paint those pilot figures properly though for authenticity. There should be one pilot and helmets are completely wrong, and should at least be the same colour as the chopper on the TV show.

    There are some other simple paint changes, on small parts & area of the model's skin that would require very little work to make authentic.

    Is it something that you guys would be willing to listen to if I gave you some quick reference and constructive feedback on how to fix them?

    Have to say guys, I'll give credit where and when it's due for once.

    It is astonishing that v7.35 was originally 16.34Gb in size, and now from 26th June's new v7.43 the program is now reduced in size to only 6.73Gb, nearly a whopping 10Gb of Hard Drive space saved. WOW! ;)

    How on earth were you able to cut that amount of code from the program?

    It's also very stable on my MacPro 3.1 with OSX10.8, 32Gb Ram and Nvidia Evga GTX680 card.

    Thank you.

    The words are actually "Planned Obsolescence" started way back with the Phoebus cartel for the lightbulb. Apple adopted it years ago.

    Anyway, that's going off-topic, I'd bet it's purely down to hardware and when the MAC / PC versions of AeroFly2 comes out that it'll be superior to the original AeroFly, depending on what graphics cards you have.

    Can you run aerofly RC 7 now or is it stuck somewhere? If so, you need to delete the file main.mcf in this location:

    ~/Library/Containers/com.aerofly.aerofly-rc-7/Data/Library/Application Support/aerofly RC 7/

    You may switch between window and fullscreen mode by pressing ALT+CMD+F. Please try this as well. We are planning on changing the code in the future, but we are not sure yet if that would mean we have to drop Mac OS X 10.7 support.

    Many thanks for that.

    I got it working again, however only in default Full Screen mode. If it goes to Window mode, it throws a junk video screen up in one of my monitors (top right one - I use a 2x2 monitor configuration) and hard crashes the MacPro. It never did that before on v7.31. My main HD monitor is the bottom left one as I'm looking at it.

    As a side issue and some feedback on OSX usage here... I'm sure the guys using Lion wouldn't be too happy about you pulling support for them as it's still a modern OS. I sure as heck won't be going near Mavericks or Yosemite for a long time as Apple dropped the ball with those. For a professional-based computer, I'm quite happy holding back on OS's for the joy of stability. Yosemite still isn't there yet (just installed it - Yosemite OS - on another Mac just last week and it was a disaster for me). Have backgraded 3 Macs in the past 6 months for the stability of Mountain Lion.

    P.S. Am loving v7.33 now the VSync issue has been addressed from v7.31. :)

    MacPro 3.1 - 8-core 2.8Ghz
    32Gb DDR2 FB-DIMM 800 MHz
    Nvidia GTX 680 2Gb with Cuda cores + Radeon 3870 512Mb
    OSX 10.85 Mountain Lion
    4 x BenQ GL2460 monitors at HD Res.

    Upgraded this evening from 7.31 to 7.33 to fix the V-sync bug on Macs. Fixed that. Had to work out how to restore Pro licence too. Anyway, figured that out too, and to activate the new sixth preference in the top "Graphics" menu.

    However when I try to change the general preferences from Full Screen, to Window mode, it hard crashes the Mac Pro?

    What do you suggest?