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    Hi and thank you for your reply,

    Since I am playing on iPad, I find it hard to land, operate spoilers and thrust-reversers at the same time, even while in cockpit view….

    In the early versions of the sim, lowering the throttle slider all the way down activated the spoilers/speed brakes, can it be done in the current version ?

    THX again

    Hi all,

    Wonder why can’t I activate the speed break or thrust reversers while pulling the throttle all the way back as it was in earlier Aerofly versions.

    As of now, I trying hard to figure out the F15&F18 speed break but I couldn’t.


    Hi guys,

    THX for the update but here is the problem, I run Aerofly2 on iPad with 16gb.
    On iTunes it says the update is suitable with my machine as long as I have ios10 or higher.
    The thing is, my machine has ios9.3.5 and it says that the machine is updtaed to the latest ios.
    What am I missing ? Does that mean it is the end of Aerofly 2 for me ? i have been waiting for this updtae.....
    Please advise,
    THX guys,

    Hi all,

    I truly hope to see the following issues taken care of in the future:
    1. Thrust reversers on the king air and any other relevant turboprop powered A/C.
    2. Seperate swich/handle for speed breaks/spoilers, in real life we fly with those deployed and still have above 0% thrust.."

    I would like to have:
    1. Prop feathering
    2. A/I traffic
    3. Random failures
    4. Con trails
    4. Trees
    5. Clouds
    6. Rain
    7. Time change during flight
    8. More regions, no use for the A320/737 for 100 nm flights
    9. Clickable cockpit?! (For emergency checklist ops)

    So at those sink rates I am not able to go above 10kft like airliners do....if we extend the region we might be able to do so