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    Am I the only one who has a problem in the Beta (or Alpha) (20200807) with creating flight plans -from or to- several add-on-scenery airports ? (examples and explanation of the problem.) I believe the syntax in the folder structure and airport TSC-files for these airports is correct. Please can somebody give me a 'golden' tip to solve this on my system or some reinsurance that this is a 'bug' in the Beta/Alpha version and likely will be solved in the future.

    In the main time I switched out of this Beta/Alpha channel for Aerofly FS2 on Steam, so I unfortunately can not enjoy anymore the new functionality; as cold-starts, SID and STARS, and the EC135.

    Thanks for a reaction or a tip to solve this problem (on my system?)



    Dear Aerofly Alpha testers,

    We updated the Alpha once again, fixing many of the bugs you reported :)

    Hi Jan,

    Just tested my reported bug about not be able to create flight plans in some user created airports (see my previous message in this link).

    This problem is still occurring in today's Alpha version Are there somethings I can extra test for you? Please let me know. If not I will patiently wait another Alpha version.



    Dear Alpha-Testers,

    We updated the Steam Alpha once again.

    Please check if your previous issues still exist or if they are now resolved.

    Change-Log of today's update, 2020-08-03:

    - Fixed User scenery loading

    Hi Jan, thanks for the Alpha update today 3 aug! Very much appreciating your hard work!

    The problem with 'user scenery loading, some user created airports (or fscloudport) not appearing when placed in scenery/airports folders' is solved, but ... still problems remaining on the navigation page for some airports.

    All 12 FScloudport "test" airports over Europe and US (Hawaii) are appearing now on the map and and aircraft's can be put on on a RWY, Parking spot or Heli platform via the location page.

    Unfortunately in the navigation page only same 5 airports (in The Netherlands, The Paris Area, and some bigger German airports, can be used to create ORIG, RWY, DEST, ..... via search (ORIG, DEST) and so creating a flight plan is possible for these 5.

    7 Airports, for example FSCloudport LEMD Madrid is appearing on the navigation map, but clicking on the airport icon on the right is highlighting ORIG, RWY,DEP on the left, but this fields are are remaining empty --- (also no choices can be made see screenshot.) so creating a flight plan is not possible for these 7.

    Thanks for your attention


    The airports should now be placed in the 'airports' directory and no longer in the 'places' directly. All folders should also be lower case, without white spaces.

    Problem definition**: User created airports outside the commercial DLC area's are not appearing on the map or search when created (following syntax info in several messages in this tread) in the folder '/scenery/airports' (for DLC areas there is probably al ready data in de new navigation folder). When these user created airport folders are moved to 'scenery/places' as airports in a lot of DLC packages at this moment, the some airports are visual on the navigation map or via search, but no navigation data (ORIG, RWY, DEP, ARR, APP, DEST) can be filled in for these airports, so no flight plan can be made.

    Most of this day I was testing. I removed al the data in the DLC folders and user created areas, so I had a rather clean AFS2 configuration. (I have added my lm.log). I have downloaded 12 FScloudport airports mostly in Europe also some in US (Hawaii). I changed names of folders en tsc's in lowercase and checked other syntax. No airports appeared on the map except for those who where previous* in a DLC package, except for some bigger German airports ( Koln, Frankfurt). From 12 created airports only 5 are recognized during startup --> tm.log 2.88-tmworld_airports: supported airports: 295 (290 airport are in AFS2 us/ch areas)

    When I moved the 12 user created airports to the scenery/places folders all the airports appeared on the map and in the search, but no navigation data (ORIG, RWY, DEP, ARR, APP, DEST) for the airports outside DLC area's could be filled in, so no flight plan can be made.

    For airports within the DLC areas some data In the new folder navigation seems complementary for data in the tsc for example rwy info, parking locations and some info seems the come from the world_airport file because most airport names differ from sname of lname and ICAO gets extra airport information (for example AMS/EHAM).

    No automatic modifications where made in the navigation folder when a new airport was created. Do airport developers have to do some extra conversion so basic airport information will be added to the navigation folder? I'm aware that not all airports will have DEP and ARR info ( SID/STARS).



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    OK, this may be an issue with the add-on scenery, can you please check if that occurs with default scenery at all?

    There are several ways how add-on scenery could break, either missing icao identifiers in the tsc or folder names to name some.

    This is not happening in the default scenery at all. Also not in ORBX scenery's and not in Antoines Paris VFR scenery. This morning I have checked intensively to see if I could find any differences in TSC and (ICAO naming eo. and the directory structure). Have also tried to created a separate airport folder under scenery. Till now I did not find an error. I use a extra user folder defined in the main.mcf as:


    I have added screenshot with the folder structure for P:\AFS2 and first part of the ebaw_antwerp.tsc

    Modified all folders and tsc filenames in lower case now , no white spaces . folders and TSC files starting with ICAO in lower case



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    Problem with Navigation data for Belgium International Airports in created scenery?

    Some extra information concerning the previous message about the problem with Navigation data while creating a flight plan from EBAW to EBBR. --> The ILS for RWY 29 EBAW (Antwerp) IAD 111.75 is still working fine! (In this Alpha and Previous Beta).

    Extra info about previous reported problems all current versions also in the Alpha 3 aug:

    - some ILS in The Netherlands EHRD, EHAM (some RWYs), .... with a wrong location or only GS not working are still a problem in this Alpha!

    - On my system with GPU Nvidia1080Ti Vulkan only works in Oculus VR with old Nvidia driver 442.59.

    Regards Patric

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    Problem** with Navigation data for Belgium International Airports in created scenery?

    Thanks for the update. I have a problem with the navigation to and from airports a have created in a custom scenery in Belgium.

    I have no problem to locate these created airports EBAW (Antwerp) and EBBR (Brusssels) via search or on the location map and to fly in the created 3D scenery as before in the Beta, but I can not create a flight plan in the Alpha. On the navigation page I can search and find EBAW or EBBR in correct syntax in scenery/airports folder but no navigation data (ORIG, RWY, DEP, ARR, APP) is available for the airports. What do I do wrong?

    Regards Patric

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