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    First calibrate your "Ikarus Dongle" under Windows´, so that you see, if all sticks are moving. After that, calibrate your Transmitter in the Sim an assign the Sticks to the right channels.


    I have Plugged the USB adapter in and ran the windows calibration tool but it does not react to inputs from my Transmitter.

    Is there anyone else with a spektrum transmitter who could suggest a setting I could try within the trainer menu that may help?

    I am also interested in knowing if anyone else has got the current DX6 to work.

    I have all the correct cables and adapters but once I plug the TX in there is zero response to inputs from it during the Windows "Set up USB Game Controller" configuration window.

    Windows recognizes the USB interface but nothing from the transmitter.

    Would it matter if you're plugging into a 2.0 or 3.0 USB port?


    Firstly thank you Dev's for the excellent Simulator, I have had a great time learning and improving my flying skills.

    I need help with getting my PC to recognize inputs from my transmitter that is plugged into a USB port using your hardware.

    I have a Spektrum DX6 Transmitter (the newly released edition (…?ProdId=SPM6700) ) that I am wanting to use in AeroflyRC7.

    I bought the following hardware from your online store:

    USB Interface Connector (…aeroflyrc7.html)

    Y-Adapter (…2jrfut-ff9.html)

    I have connected the Y-Adapter to the USB interface and plugged that into my USB port (as per instructions). at this point windows recognizes the Ikarus dongle is plugged in and shows the game controller in the "setup game controller" menu.

    I plug in the DX6 using the trainer port and it turns on (without moving the power switch on the TX), I then go into the "Properties" tab and select configure as per the instructions on your site.

    Unfortunately this is where things stop working, the configuration wizzard does not recognize any inputs from my controller.
    I have tried uninstalling the driver and plugging the dongle in again but this has not resolved the issue.

    I am new to the hobby so my understanding of the Transmitter is limited. I have checked the trainer menus on the TX and both Wired and Wireless trainer modes are set to "inhibit", I have tried setting the TX to the other trainer modes to see if they would work but they dont (other modes were: Programmable Master, Pilot Link Master and Slave)

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions to help me get this connected.

    Thank you!