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    Terrific! Can't wait to see them!

    Have you ever made models for FSX/P3D? Apparently the "worlkoad" for the developer is much less than AFS2. There are such great models for FSX/P3D that some kind of FSX/P3D to ASF2 converter would be great. I would be willing to take that on (using converter), but just digging into the AFS2 wiki tutorial scared me off. And I have 30+ years of computer programming!

    Is there anything akin to the E-Flite UMX Yak 54 3D (AS3X) available as a download/addon aircraft for AF7? The RT Super Serius is close, but a little too slow.

    Also, any download/addon indoor flying venues? The gym we fly in is bigger than the two indoor venues that comes with AF7.


    I'd rather spend the foreseeable future on adding high quality aircraft or a high quantity of aircraft than no aircraft and just focusing on that tool.

    Even better!

    It's the old "there's no free lunch" and/or "pay me now or pay me later" and/or "you get what you pay for" rules when it comes to "roll your own" sim models. I'd much rather you do it than me. :)

    p.s. Can I put in a bid for a 30's/40's tail dragger (J3/Aeronca Champ)?

    DHC1? Have I missed something?

    link to download:…ex.php?user/45932-adak47/

    more info:…e/154-dhc-1-3/#comment925

    I mentioned about a year ago that the AFS2 Pitts will not hold knife-edge. IPACS contacted a Pitt's pilot who said that's the way it really is. What has been your experience? I've seen Pitt's doing knife-edges in air shows. What are they doing to make that happen?

    I know of two models being developed by the user community. One for us low and slow flyers that long for the good ole days of fabric and small Continental engines and one for us flyers that long for the Mach meter and like to run around like our hair is on fire shooting flames out the back end.

    I am definitely in the first category! Thanks very much for the links. Looking through the Krzysztof Kaniewski collection made me hyperventilate!

    I have done "repaints" on models in RC sims before, so took a look at what would be involved in creating an Aeronca Champ for AFS2, including spending about an hour in the wiki SDK tutorial. Also looked for some kind of FSX to ASF2 model converter. Found ModelConvertX, but that seems to be mainly for scenery. Came to the conclusion that creating a new model for AFS2 would take months of learning and development time, which I don't have available right now. I would certainly encourage IPACS to consider improvement of the SDK into a "model builder for dummies" front end interface where one could plug in 3-view, control panel, cockpit images, and "fill in the blanks" entry of aerodynamic data such as stall speed, never exceed speed, aircraft weight, dimensions, airfoil, etc. such that the SDK could "compile" everything else it needs to create the data files. I know this would be a big effort, but the variety and quantity of available models certainly increases the marketability of a flight simulator. Yes, it's a "quality vs quantity" issue, but maybe there could be two categories of models -- scale and semi-scale. Just thinking out loud.

    Thanks to this post I've been able to add 3 additional models (dhc1, do27 & s211) to the AFS2 hangar. This is much appreciated!


    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help get these models ported over to AFS2. I am somewhat computer literate so if there's some thing that can be "delegated", and doesn't require a lot of learning, I'd sure like to support your effort. I'd even be willing to pay for your completed AFS2 versions (ala DCS models). While the models in AFS2 are well done, the ones in your AFS1 livery would be wonderful additions, and add immensely to the desirability of AFS2.

    I've been away from AFS2 for about a year and am getting back into it. Other than the R22 heli and user created Do27, have there been any new models in the last year? I've updated to the latest level of AFS2 ,and checked, and it doesn't appear to have anything new other than the R22. I was hoping to discover something in the way of classic GA models such as the Piper J3 or SuprCub, or Aeronca Champ, or TaylorCraft, etc., or maybe an UltraLight.

    Roy, that location is not the correct place. It should be in your Users\RoyP\documents\Aerofly FS2\Aircraft folder

    When the head's dumb the whole body suffers! Thanks!

    That's a beautiful looking and flying model! And as an ex Aeronca 7AC Champ pilot I can grease it on! :)

    Check out the user-built Dornier 27 STOL. Put some big oversized Alaskan tires on this one and it will do nicely as a back country plane in lieu of the Carbon Cub. Fun plane. Short run, climbs like an elevator. Nice handling qualities.

    What am I doing wrong? I unzipped the file into F:\Program Files (x86)\aerofly RC 7\aircraft\do27 (with AFS2 closed). When I start up AFS2 I don't see the Do27 in the Aircraft selection.

    Please post videos in our new gallery:…age-list/10-aerofly-fs-2/

    Roger. Thanks.

    Can you move this there, or should I repost?

    Thanks for the fun video Roy. You need to assign prop speed keys or buttons in the control menu to get proper engine noise variation. The only change you had there would be from the low throttle automatic constant speed prop control hitting the maximum fine pitch stops where any further reduction in throttle/manifold pressure would result in a fall of engine rpm...

    Thanks for the detailed feedback (I love the technicals). I figured there was a logical explanation because the AFS2 models are always so accurate. I'll fiddle with the prop settings as you suggest. Also thanks for the landing speeds. I'm determined to be able to land this beast! :)

    Yes, it's their business and they should run it as they see fit. Balancing financial and human resources is surely a major challenge. But one would think an action plan for signing up 3rd party developers would be a win-win for both IPACS and users. But such a plan would need to include more than creating a tool kit and waiting for people to knock on your door. Just sayin'...

    p.s. What does temerity mean?

    No, we can't force developers to make products for Aerofly, all we can do is encourage.

    What actions are you taking, or action plan do you have, for encouraging 3rd party developers, other than making tools available? Are you offering any kind of incentives and/or an outreach program of some kind to contact developers and solicit submissions? Perhaps a contest or awards program? Do you have a video training program for developers about using your tools? Promoting 3rd party products on your website? Financial rewards?

    Pettit Rule #39: "Participation is Proportional to Promotion"

    In reading post about new aircraft and sceneries, and knowing the last release of either of these from IPACS was a long time ago, the thought occurred to me that what really made FSX expand and become the "go to" flight sim was not Microsoft, but 3rd party add-ons. ORBX has added a lot to the enjoyment and usefulness of AFS2. Perhaps if IPACS could work with 3rd party aircraft and scenery developers to help them provide add-ons for AFS2, then the growth and future of the product, along with the user base, would expand dramatically. Just a thought.

    if you want to be on the plane, you have to fly real planes and not RC planes. Piloting an Rc plane is done on sight

    It's not a matter of FPV (I never use it in RC sims as I am not a FPV drone pilot). Being able to look around and follow your plane like at the field is extremely useful in practicing with a sim. But even more important is the the depth perception you get from using a binocular image projector. This is huge compared to flying 2D on a monitor.

    Please read at least the last few postings in this thread: RF8 VR not exploiting hardware

    I'm not trying to get a competition going between RealFlight and IPACS. As a happy Aerofly FS2 user I am begging you to port you VR coding over to Aerofly RC so that the RC world can have a decent VR RC simulator. I've used both Aerofly RC and RealFlight for years. I've always preferred Aerofly RC, but purchased RealFlight 8 because it has "VR". As you will see from reading the post, the RF8 solution is entirely unsatisfactory. I'm sure that IPACS will do a better job of implementing VR in an RC simulator, and perhaps reading the linked to thread will provide incentive.

    Thanks! :)