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    quick technical question..

    thinking about polygon budget, does AF engine handle "opened" objects well or is it necessary to have all the meshes "airtight" ?



    well done:thumbup:

    this one's goooood:)

    Although the curvature seems to be pretty much the same as P18, I think the only difference on the tail would be the thickness of the stabilizer where the elevator is attached. Also the balancing tips going past the hinge.

    The horizontal stabilizer looks a bit too round I think :D


    You'r right there. Carbon Cub has slightly different horizontal stabilizer. That's still gonna be edited. What you see in the pic is actually original p18.

    Did you get any answer from Carbon Crafters yet?

    Light on both wings, no problem..

    Ray, I don't want to discourage you from the research as I really appreciate the effort however, there is the problem.. I have an engineering background so I need numbers to work with. Photos and videos alone are not good enough though :P


    well done Ray, hopefully they'll like the idea. At the end of the day, It's a great advertisement for the company;)

    For now I am following the standard PA18 drawings and the airfoil that Jan provided earlier. We can always tweak this later.

    Next episode coming tomorrow:sleeping:

    In my email to CubCrafters, I politely asked them for support in form of some drawings with dimensions. I agree it's the only way forward at this point.

    Maybe if others joined the cause and wrote them few kind words too...?

    I don't think they only "chopped" the wing tips by few inches. They have quite different shape as well as the horizontal stabilizer. Also the height of the two planes differ by 0.8 meters (although this could be due to bigger prop and tires).

    Anyway I would like to get this right the first time though so we'll have to wait for the response from CubCrafters.

    Thanks Jan, great help

    I'm actually working on the airfoil now but I've run into a problem. It seems that the wing on the CarbonCub is slightly deeper. I can not find any data or dimensions for it so far:(

    Anybody here have one of those in a garage by any chance? ;)


    Judging from photos I think the scoop on the underside of the cowling needs to come a bit more forward

    In your screenshot, the grey intake parts, are those actual individual parts on the real aircraft? Because you don't have to cut the model where the color changes.

    Hi Jan

    what exactly you mean by "scoop on the underside of the cowling " ?

    Although I have big pile of reference photos, none of them shows clearly good detail of the top bonnet. Also there's quite a lot of variations with slight design differences therefore I decided to start with one particular reg. no. (see HERE)

    The link has the most complete walkabout set of pictures and as somebody wished for earlier, It's blue :D

    I wasn't sure whether or not it's better to cut individual part's / segments of the model but studying your Robin example I came to conclusion that it will make my life easier when it comes to UV mapping and also detail enhancing.

    For example all the bolts around the Robin's bonnet are actually individual bodies. It would be really painful to model and texture these as one object though.

    I know we can cheat a little and use normal mapping or bump textures however, ASF2 engine can handle complex detail as great as individual bolts so I thought I will give it a try8) Well at least around the areas that are directly in pilots sight.

    Regards Jay

    I am familiar with the Carbon Cub. It's made near me in Yakima. My good friend and local FBO is the area dealer and training site. He keeps bugging me to ride in one -- guess I better. This would be an excellent model for FS2!

    so we have the test pilot then;)

    the CarbonCub project is live again. Sorry for the long delay, I was moving house to a different city. Pain in the b-tt.


    Olla boys

    after what seems like a really long break, I'm back working on the cub. Mainly because of Jan's pursuit to get his hands on rough model but also because of the buzzing demand on the forum;) I was moving house recently, thus the break, and not much has changed since last screenshot but I've spend fair amount of time modeling the "organic" shape of engine cover and I think the result is quite all right (the seam in the middle is not yet stitched).

    Once I'll move onto the "standard" geometry, everything is gonna go much faster (I hope). Mind you this is my first attempt creating aircraft for FS so please be patient. I'm learning as I go.

    I still appreciate your feedback though;)