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    It appears that what you are asking here is to change code to allow for compatibility with a custom device.

    Not at all Jeff, I wouldn't dare man!! :P

    Seriously, I'm only asking how this stuff works because, as you may have noticed earlier, I'm determined to bring realistic FFB controls to Aerofly and need to know my options though.

    I don't expect IPACS to dedicate any time to this issue (we've had this discussion already and there is simply no demand, fair enough) but I'm really just trying to understand the mechanics here.


    Got it, thanks.

    BTW I din't mean "allowing" like "here is your password dude" ;) I thought it was more like adjusting the code towards specific third party app.

    Regarding Brunner's FFB video with AFS, do you think they just extracting flight data through you SDK, calculate FFB externally and then returning control inputs separately?


    so if I got it right, you'r saying that third party app can not conect to Aerofly unless IPACS will allow it?

    On the side note, I saw video with Brunner's FFB peripherals, running AFS2.

    Did you have to "unlock" anything for them to allow for this connection?


    Hi Jeff

    what exactly has changed with this update?

    I was hoping that it would be related to use of toggle switches or potentiomener "fix" for panel/instrument lights but I quickly checked the options and see no difference.

    Thanks, Jay

    Hey devs.

    I wanted to ask, how does your engine handle general FFB PID's. I know there is currently no support for force feedback devices however I noticed that AFS somehow takes total control of the PID, not allowing other programs to interfere.

    I need to elaborate a little to explain my self better. I've build a yoke based on microsoft sidewinder ffb stick. The yoke is generally recognised as microsoft ffb joystick.

    In games that don't support force feedback, stick behaves just like normal spring loaded mechanism. Well there's this small utility program that allows you to simulate dumping, friction and set up strength of the centring force. It was written for DCS and because DCS wants to "take over" joystick device when it's running, this small program has an option to re-initialize the joystick with key command, regaining it's control over FFB forces.

    It is little tricky but it gives of great result for non FFB sims like DCS.

    Finally, what I would like to know is why the same doesn't work with AFS?

    Re-initializing the joystick via this utility does not gain control over FFB and AFS won't let go although it can not provide any FFB feed it self..



    Very cool! You are right -- much of VR flying involves muscle memory (just like real). Zed suggested USB button boxes which I had already considered to expand the functionality of the TM16000 joystick. What you have done is along those lines, but better. I love your throttle setup. Even a starter switch! :thumbup:

    the starter switch is yet to be made but it has reserved 5 inputs on the card;)

    Check it out, it's super easy to use. Just google up "Leo Bodnar - BU0836X". Allows for use of push buttons, toggle switches, HAT switch, pots and rotary encoders.


    What are you VR flyers finding is the best way for controlling things while "under the VR hood"?

    Magic hands will definitely help a lot with great immersion but if you are DIY person, make your self a simple panel like this.

    I find it amazing in VR, no mater what plane I fly. Muscle memory is great feature of human body though;)

    All this (panel only, not the yoke) is fed into one controller board and covers most of your interactive needs.



    Every time We get one of these new super high resolution areas added I notice how much I miss having a helicopter. I yearn to hear and feel the wop, wop, wop in VR. :P:S:/

    I'm going on strike!! Gonna be sitting in the middle of KEGE runway with 747 until we have a chopper in AFS2 :evil:

    Hey Jay, it’s DIY. My build thread is over on xsimulator

    Happy to answer any questions. It was a lot of work, and I invested a fair amount of money in it, but I now have my own flight and driving simulator.

    But if you check out the other guys' sims, there are some masterpieces. I lust for a 6 degree of freedom where you really feel the heave, yaw, etc. I’ve just got pitch and roll and approximation of the other forces.

    Thanks Zed

    Found your rig on Xsim forum. It's very nice piece of work and really clean design.

    I'm considering my first motion platform/seat too but I would mainly use it for flight sims so I ques 6DOF is the only option. As you say it is not cheap and easy build so I will probably skip the 2/3DOF version.


    I was gonna open the same topic:)

    I'm looking into this as well and because I want to implement two shakers (one for my chair and one for the desk where all my controllers are mounted) I was thinking to try BFF's Shaker Card

    It has multiple outputs and on board amplifier.

    Anybody here using this tech?


    As much as I like the "virtual hand" interaction around the cockpit in VR, I still feel that some "real touch" features can't be replaced.

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    Hi guys, just wanted to give this project a little push :)

    How are we looking in terms of 3D model? If you can make the rough wing shape and fuselage I could already make this bird fly and set up the basic tmd file. We can then improve on the model over time.

    Hi Jan

    I haven't had much time to make good progress and the model is currently no. 2 on my list.

    I'm gonna get back to it hopefully next week. As soon as I have basic model finished, I'll send it over to you.