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    Be 100% sure because on my side the HI pump switch works every time. Please try again...


    Affirmative - works now. Even when I switch back to low fuel pump or even off, there is fuel flow when moving the thrust lever accordingly. Makes me think I was in idle when noticing the "missing" fuel flow. :/:rolleyes: If that was indeed the case - sorry, my bad.


    I think I saw some of those, too. Let me think where I was recently....Canary Islands from Sim-Market, but cultivation from Flight-sim, Berlin and Germany Northeast. But I can't remember where exactly....:|

    I don't have any fuel flow indicated when coming from cold & dark, although strictly sticking to the startup procedure from the manual. When selecting ready to taxi, takeoff or in air, fuel flow works. Did I miss something?


    When looking "manually" for the link target, it seems to be the Swiss-French border far to the west.

    I guess Schnuffelduffels xmas present to all of us may cover that bit (I can almost see Innsbruck scenery from where it gets blurry in the east) :)

    Same here, but that's actually the border of the Switzerland scenery, isn't it?

    Double checked on my iPad, same here. Meaning: that's the end of the official scenery (starts to get blurry on iPad even earlier coming from a westerly direction).


    It's a bit of a pity that the talking couple at Monument Valley Airport is gone.


    Wait I don't even see that in the last 2020 version...But we did have those in mobile too didn't we?

    I checked the "cloud issue" again. I still think the 2021 version is either more demanding in general and clouds make for a very significant factor, or clouds themselves take more resources. I tried with an F15 from Travis AirForce Base, cumulus cloud density and altitude max, flew to and through them. In 2020, performance dropped only a bit. in 2021 very significantly, most noticable when turning the plane or panning the view.

    It's equally bad with max cloud densiy but lowest height, taking of with the EC135 from SFO hospital, in both versions.

    Re: static Cessna in the air. It was a bit difficult to position myself for a good shot at this. It looks far away, but the static propeller (it is of course in the image) and missing wheels are also aparrent (or not) when a bit closer. You can easily check this at the Monument Valley Airstrip. There are three Cessnas just making "Platzrunden" all the time. You can also see that they fly right through the mountain on approach from south.

    What device are you using?

    We stop showing animations and smaller objects at great distances. This is an optimization so that we don't have to render all objects of all aircraft around you all the time. Things that would be too small to be visible on screen are not rendered.

    iPad Pro 10.5, 256 GB, iOS 14.2. I did not have the feeling it was related to distance, but I didn't really pay attention to it either. Just noticed it. But your explanation would make sense. On the other hand, when I saw it, it might have been close enough :)

    I followed a Cessna around Monument Valley Airport. At one stage, the wheels disappeared and the propeller stood still inflight. After a moment, wheels reappeared and propeller turned. And then, on final approach, it flew straight through a mountain.

    I noticed that model freeze in Florida too.

    Yep, no crash at Manchester with clouds and traffic on. Still, clouds are now a much more demanding factor compared to the 2020 version. On the ground, it feels ok at first, but when flying closer to clouds, or even through them or looking around with clouds on, it's quite laggy here.

    iPad Pro 10.5, 256GB, iOS 14.2