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    Thanks to the new elevation mesh I think I will have a shot at Germany scenery as well. I wonder though, which files I will need to download. The new elevation mesh is easy, but then images and cultivation? There is Germany NorthEast by Schnuffelduffel and Germany North by IZ0JUB. How much coverage will I have with that?

    And then, more cultivation by IZ0JUB, some smaller areas. Not to forget that I have already installed Helgoland and Sylt/Wattenmeer.

    What happens if e.g. Sylt/Wattenmeer data from different sources overlap?

    Thanks a lot in advance, appreciate your work (goes for iPacs and all that fabulous user generated stuff).


    I have the Xbox Wireless Elite 2 controller and it works fine both on desktop and iOS Aerofly. In desktop, you can easily configure the buttons and axis's as you like. I never experienced a coupling of aileron and rudder, to be honest.

    Overlays (views, copilot) can be dis-/enabled from the settings menu.

    Hope that helps.

    BTW: Talking of WIN10, not Mac when mentioning desktop.

    Interesting. There were other elements that have disappeared in the newest update as someone wrote. Which are these? Then I could check with my device. Some gates or bridges I think, but can't remember the airport.

    I do remember a time when FS19 or 20 was updated once, and suddenly the game became very laggy, especially in places like Palm Springs. There were way too many objects, and iPacs was quick to deliver an update which reduced that to a previous level, and all was fine again. Mavbe the same happened here again.

    Since I now also use my notebook for flying together with the Xbox Elite Wireless 2 controller, I noticed that the EC135 is much easier to control on the desktop version. On my iPad, it feels like there is a lot of deadzone, and the value incline the is too steep. Meaning, a delicate and stable approach is hardly managable. Very small cyclice movements are hardly possible, so e.g. landing on Schilthorn is pure luck. Is there a way to improve that controller behaviour in mobile?

    And if you are it, please consider button remapping :).

    BTW: The button customizing in iOS seems sub-optimal. I wanted to invert the vertikal axis on the left stick. But iOS then always inverted both axes and switched them, too <X Aerofly is not detected as game in that setting either, but none of my installed games are, except the Arcades ones

    BTW 2: On desktop, I am now finally able to make full use of the controller paddles. They are of good use for elevator and aileron trimming. But this was only possible with a help of an additional tool called reWASD, since by default, the paddles are not intended for use as new buttons, just additional inputs for the regular ones (e.g. X, Y, B etc).


    Pretty similar to what happened to AF2 on mobile quite a while ago, when suddenly Palm Springs was not flyable anymore due to way too many buildings. They fixed that quickly then.

    Funny thing: In the Helgoland scenery, flying over the north sea, I only get about 30 to 35 fps. I would have expected A LOT more due to missing, well, anything. What is that water, ultra (marina) HD?

    I now decided to use Full-HD, Vulkan without VSync and Anti-Aliasing, low graphics setting and am pretty satisfied. I think there is room to maneuver and will try, as suggested above, to increase to medium or high but keep buildings low. I noticed that in Florida, Miame region there are zillions of small houses which drop the frame rate quite a bit. In other areas without buildings it's a lot better. Maybe I will have to keep trees down as well.

    When I want to use dialing wheels (not sure whether that's the right term) with the touchpad on my notebook, I can basically just increase numbers, e.g. altitude in autopilot, frequencies etc.) I use the two-finger gesture for scrolling that would usually be the mouse wheel. There is a very delicate area/process, when I just make a very quick and very short movement from the top of the touchpad downwards to get a decrease. But it takes ages to select the numbers I want and feels more like in a casino - pure luck.

    Anyone knows a solution (except using a mouse, that is).

    Thanks in advance,


    Vulkan now runs stable here. Full-HD, no Vsync nor anti-aliasing, low graphics settings. And gives a bit more fps than OpenGL. Exactly those frames that I need with my not-for-gaming-notebook.

    Tearing when looking around fast in the cockpit is significant though.

    I tried all kinds of system settings, but they didn't seem to have any effect. I noticed that Florida is a bit of a special scenery with its zillions of small houses around Miami. New York was very fluid, with at least 40fps steady. Even better in Grand Canyon: Up to 70fps. Innsbruck and Lukla are more demanding again.

    Anyway, it runs ok now for me with Full-HD, Vulkan without Vsync and no Anti-Aliasing, and low settings. Still looks better than on the iPad, let alone all the other benefits.

    Just quickly checked, it's called FreeSync here, but there are other options as well I'd like to try. We'll see. There is always my iPad Pro as a "fallback" option, albeit without any additional sceneries (except Switzerland) - and no trees! But that's another story.

    Well, it's a notebook with AMD Ryzen 7 and Radeon RX Vega 10 GPU chip, so no, no Nvidia settings for sure :).

    But there is a Radeon setting named Adaptive Sync, maybe I try that.