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    Since controller button mapping unfortunately did not make it into the fabulous new update, can someone from or close to iPacs give me a hint if that's even on the mobile agenda? I admit it may only be interesting for a part of the mobile community, but for a simulator this is just a must-have.



    iPad Pro, 10.5 inch, ipadOS14

    Spawned at Denver airport parking with A320, ready for taxi, no issues here.

    Fantastic update, and all that for free! With the EC135, even I can fly helicopter now - and land (partly)! :S

    Hope that the missinh HD scenery is coming soon. Maybe together with controller button mapping :whistling:. Is that even on the agenda?

    I also would like to see the Helgoland scenery as an inapp purchase. With the heli, this would make perfect sense now!

    But hey, let's praise ipacs for a while for this update before coming up with new wishes.

    Great work, guys, girls and office pets! :thumbup:

    BTW: As with the previous updates, this one wasn't announced by my system (iOS). Instead, I had to go to the game page in the app store, where button that normally says 'open' now said 'update'.

    Are you saying it's not just the iOS14 patch in the pipeline, but the next gen with the EC135 and upgraded navigation to be released?

    I received my Xbox Wireless Elite 2 Controller yesterday. Working fine with the iPad, although in the OS customizing options the additional paddle buttons do not appear. Hope this will be fixed in one of the next OS updates. Within Aerofly, the paddle buttons (they are not analog, "only" digital buttons) now work as A/B/X/Y buttons, so no real benefit, but that isn't expected until Aerofly supports button mapping. Except: gear up/down is now much more comfortable since you don't need to take off your thumb from the right stick to press X or awkwardly use a finger from the left hand, but it it can be triggered by accident now with the paddle.

    Other things that come with the Elite controller are really appreciated, like changeable sticks (longer travel for more precision), three-step-friction adjustment (don't expect miracles here, but it is noticable) and better grip. Also, internal charging. But hey, this should not become an advertisement.

    I repeat myself, but I'd really appreciate if Aerofly could introduce controller button mapping incl. those four additional of the Elite 2 pad. :)


    I'm still missing the option to map controller buttons in mobile. Since it's more or less the same code between desktop and mobile, this should be possible? Especially with iOS14 supporting the Xbox Wireless Elite 2 controller (which waits for me in the mail :)) with its additional paddles (trim! airbrakes! Separate rudder and wheel brakes!) and button mapping by default in the OS. But maybe that's under the hood and not worth mentioning ;)

    Looking forward to it!

    There will never be enough planes, as there will aways be one missing that you or someone else likes most. Suggestion: Fly, instead of scrolling through the airplane selection and marvel at the beatiful models. ;)

    I find myself again and again in the smaller a/c's because the system depth of the big ones scare me. In the end, I'm not a professional pilot, but it's cool that Aerofly allows you to do what you want and can.

    I have just read that iPadOS14 is about to be rolled out. This will much better support game controllers, even the Xbox Elite Wireless with its additional paddles. It also allows button remapping. I can't imagine this works without the app supporting it. Will the new update for mobile be ready for that? That would be awesome!

    You brake by pressing both rudder pedals at the same time - and roughly the same amount. This can be tricky, sometimes it feels like there is a threshold value that decides whether you brake or want to use rudder/wheel steering, especially with light aircraft.

    You can activate reverse thrust in airplanes (that have that capability) by pressing the down button for a longer time or again after thrust is down to zero (not sure) , but it definitly works, but only up to 60 knots or something, I think.

    I think the iPacs to do and wish list is quite long already. But it is very easy to get all this done:

    • add the whole world with all airports
    • add all aircrafts that are, were, and will be
    • buy Apple and Google to have full control over operating systems and devices and get rid of stupid technical limitations that no one needs.

    Only one question remaining: any chance this can be done until christmas this year? Would make us all survive in Corona!