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    I remember having similiar issues with the Switzerland download. I also tried several times and it seems to have stopped at 80%. But at one point, when I got frustrated again and went back to the regions screen, it said "installed", although it never reached the 100%.

    Maybe you can try to go back from the downloading screen after it reached 80% for a short while and before it crashes? Make sure you don't do anything else when downloading (in case you did). In the end, it worked with me. Using an iPad pro 10.5.

    Good luck!


    Just for clarification: I didn't say iPacs is working on a Concorde for Aerofly.

    All I tried to say is that I watched a real video on YouTube yesterday about a Concorde taking off. (I really regret missing this one opportunity when the Concorde visited Berlin quite a while ago).

    Just stumbled upon a YouTube video suggestion and thought, hey, that would be a really outstanding aircraft: the Concorde!!!

    Finally, we could fly from US to Switzerland without recharging the iPad?!


    Edit: not exactly a regional jet, though.

    New attempt this morning without case - but the case was not the case :rolleyes:.

    Dimming occurred more or less at the same time.

    In found interesting gear on the internet, from X-Naut, an active cooling case for the iPad in extreme conditions, especially for aviation. Although this would be a perfect fit for Aerofly, I don't think that I have extreme conditions when relaxing at home. Also, it is quite expensive 8).

    I found something from Hama, called "Cooling Gel Case". Since my case is more or less broken anyway, I'll give it a try. I also downloaded a monitoring app to check the processor load.

    Keep you updated.


    Sorry to bring this up again, but I just read some stuff that indeed relates this dimming issue to overheating and the iPad protecting itself. This morning I set the brightness to about 90 or 95% to see whether this would help. It did not. Then I googled again, more targeted at internal protections, and indeed, lots of stuff can be found then.

    It seems that the iPad protects itself from overheating, and one measure is to dim the brightness. Now, although spring is here and its warmer, I'm not in the sun at all. But the iPad is in a case. And this dimming jump appears right after 5 or 10 minutes, not after hours of flying.

    I'd really be interested if other Aerofly users experience this overheating protection as well? I use an iPad pro 10.5.

    My next attempts will be using the iPad without case, close all other apps in the background and then see what happens.


    A little bit of internet "research" aka googling led me to another setting, that Apple very successfully hid under Accessibility > Display and Text Size. At the bottom there is another auto brightness switch.

    But, I just tried that, after a couple of minutes brightness from full went down a notch (still ok), and then another (not so ok). So that switch didn't help either.

    Closed Aerofly, and while writing this, brightness returned to full. Battery is almost full. Somehow there seems to be an inbuilt protection of some kind....


    Oh, obviously I forgot to mention I used the Cessna.

    When activating the Copilot, I heard and saw what he or she did, like dialing the heading bug, setting frequencies etc. I just didn't know what 108.9 referred to. But it's awesome to know that the localizer frequencies are implemented, just not stated in the maps themselves. But now that I know, I can look for them in real air nav charts.

    For navigation tutorials please check the wiki section of the Aerofly website. In the different aircraft sections, different methods are explained in detail. In the Cessna section, mainly the autopilot is described, while the Baron also explains some VOR nav.

    On YouTube and other sites there are also a lot of VOR tutorials.

    Edit: There is a dedicated navigation tutorial on the aerofly website:

    While approaching South Lake Tahoe to RWY18, I enabled the Copilot to reach out to my coffee mug.
    To my surprise, the copilot selected also a Nav1 and 2 frequency of 108.9. The DME showed a distance and speed that looked quite realistic. On the nav map I did not find any navaids with that frequency close by, so I checked and saw that this frequency is indeed the actual localizer.

    So, maybe it would be possible to add this localizer info/frequency to the nav map, so that I don't have to look for it?

    BTW: said the PAPI lights are on the left, but in Aerofly they were on the right. Almost made me land on the taxiway 8o


    Unbelievable, why don't you establish your own business instead of arguing against iPacs again and again. Nobody forces you to use Aerofly.

    If you have to choose due to limited resources between marketing and the actual product development, would you choose marketing? Sometimes it works, but in the end users see that the actual product just sucks. And then complain that they want their money back.

    iPacs is a small, independent team and who knows what difficulties they face right now. And we are sitting at home having time to play and complain.


    Edit: But maybe I just misunderstand you and you are just afraid that Aerofly doesn't get the attention (and revenue) it deserves. And you worry that this might have a negative impact on future developments. Maybe it was sarcasm, who knows these days...

    Device is not getting hot, frame rate limited. But I just noticed that it does happen in another game app as well. Only after a couple of minutes playing.

    I then disabled True Tone and screen lock (just in case) - no change.

    Since this only seems to happen when brightness is full, and the screen gets brighter after I close the hungry app for a couple of minutes, mabybe this is indeed related to power/battery protection or something.

    Anyway, obviously it is not something special to Aerofly, so we can close this thread.


    Easy, man, I'd love to have Innsbruck (along with other regions) as well :).

    But actually you raise an interesting question here: Since mobile and desktop version now share (most) of the code, what algorithm decides which buildings/details are displayed in mobile? Or is there an iPacs member who manually selects which building is in mobile or not :S.


    Recently, I fly with a controller, so no hands on the iPad. Nothing obstructs the sensor.

    Automatic adjustment of brightness ... I only activated True Tone, but even when switched off, the screen stayed that little bit darker. Automatic activation of dark mode is also disabled. Brightness is on max, also when the issue appears. And I have to admit I did not find a setting for the automatic brightness. I know the iPad does regulate that sometimes, but where is that setting? Under Display & Brightness there is only True Tone automatic, which is enabled.

    But since I had this behaviour also on my old iPad air which did not have True Tone, it can't be this setting?

    And the Aerofly menu appears in the same brightness, even when inflight it gets that little bit darker.

    Do I miss something?


    This happened to me since Aerofly2, and I don't know what's behind it. Sometimes, almost always, after flying a couple of minutes, the screen brightness changes - usually it gets a bit darker. It does not seem to be related to changing heading and different sun directions/time of day. It just get a notch darker. When switching to another app, brightness there is as was before. Also, I did not experience this behaviour in other apps/games, just in Aerofly.

    Did anybody else noticed that? Or this this something specific to the lighting model?

    Hmm, but in previous versions (FS 2019 or even FS2) they added a lot more details, with very negative impact on performance. But maybe this was before they used most of the desktop code.


    What do you expect, an update just because others have updated their programs? Would an updated version number be sufficient for you? Well, I guess that's worth several gigabytes of download :rolleyes:

    Sure he does, and since the mobile and desktop version now share the same code, mabye it's just a click away. But I could imagine that 3D trees have a huge impact on performance - in negative terms.

    I just discovered how much I love the realism of this game where it counts.

    Took off with the Cessna after starting engine and having open doors from the previous leg. As noticed before, I heard a strange sound, some additional engine noise and rush, just like in a car when you did not completely close the door.

    And indeed, the door wasn't fully closed! I pushed the lever down, and then closed the door. But this way, it does not close, and this is even visible. No wonder there was additional noise. So, close door first. them lock it.

    Love it :love: