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    new iPad Air, But any advice on how to optimise the quality settings to improve the texture quality would be appreciated. The newer aircraft- A380, Dash and the older 747 seem to be much clearer right across the cockpit which is why I thought the Learjet graphics were a hangover from FS2 days when there was no cockpit Interaction

    Fantastic product now though, hope there will be lots more evolution. New scenery packs as IAP very welcome.

    Thanks again for prompt replies. The contact is much appreciated

    thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated. Tried to attach an iPad screen shot but get message that the file is too big to attach ! (Sorry don’t know if there’s another way )

    Basically, from the ‘captains seat’ ie the left side cockpit view, it is not possible to read the labels on the buttons at the top centre of the instrument panel. Slewing the view across does not help.
    The MFD below these buttons is perfectly clear however.

    Doesn’t seem to be as much an issue with the other aircraft

    Very impressed with the FS2020 but just a couple of points where I could do with some help.

    i) having a lot of difficulty pushing/ pulling the VS selection knob on the A380. is it just me ? What’s the trick

    ii) can’t read the autopilot panel in the Learjet - guess it’s an older version but any chance of a refresh ?
    Using a brand new iPad Air and performance is generally great


    Still using Aerofly FS2 as I’m an iPad Air2 owner. Everything was working fine including the last bug fix (2.4.21)for approach lighting

    Unfortunately, updating today to IOS 12.3 now appears to have broken the above fix resulting in large blocks of flashing colour round the runway approach. (Thanks a lot Apple!!!!!!!!!). Please can you guys help ASAP

    One final plea.... please can we have a working Glide slope / Nav beacon for a light aircraft such as the Cessna. The tech must be there as the 737 and A320 have the approach aids in this version of the sim

    Saving hard for a new iPad, but in the meantime your help would be most welcome.