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    today, along with the new DLC, I decided to download Aerofly2 on my laptop. So I have two installations at the moment, one on my PC, one on my laptop. Obviously, I will use only one at the same time.

    Now, my installation on the PC has a lot of customized settings since day one, for example joystick and keyboard assignments for views, prop levers, gear etc. Is there any way to export such settings so that I can import them on my laptop? Or, as an alternative, is there any setting file that I can simply copy to my laptop in order to have exactly the same settings on both machines?

    Thanks for help

    While I do not disagree with the OP and obviously would be very happy to see all these features implemented, I think that priority should be given to more in-depth systems. ATC, AI, SID/STARS, weather engine, more US and EU regions with high resolution are all welcomed, but they become useless if you have to fly a Baron without a basic feature like mixture lever. The same applies to all other aircraft I tested so far. Only a very small amount of features are actually modeled. As they are, the hangar models are not very different than the FSX base package, except of course for the stunning graphics.

    In-depth systems is what really makes the difference between a flight simulator and an arcade game. IPACS can achieve this goal easily by opening their door to third party developers. Some of them proved to be able to create models incredibly close to the real world counterparts, despite the strong restrictions placed by an obsolete engine like ESP.

    The potential here is awesome. I really hope IPACS will make all the required steps in the right direction to bring Aerofly2 to the next level.

    Those look like debug information. Try pressing ctrl and f1 at the same time or ctrl+f2 and so on. Maybe you can hide them that way?
    Cheers, Jan

    Ctrl+F2 solved the problem! I see now that I can show/hide those data by switching that short key.
    I must have pressed Ctrl+F2 accidentally the first time and was unable to undo.

    Thanks a lot, you made my day.

    i can't see the error? Looks more like a console log to me

    I don't know. I purchased the product days ago and today I suddenly got this error for the first time. Tried to change all possible settings, including nVidia setting, removed the joystick and reinstalled, restarted the system several times, no luck.

    If the developer needs some data, please point me to some log or similar. Honestly, I have little experience with this product.