Posts by Maarten Otto

    I like it,

    Scenery wise this is a step up from other well known platforms. It feels smooth, no stutters and I like LA and the Bay area. It is great that airports are well modeled. Please update the aircrft autopilot systems and introduce LNAV/VNAV. For me the A320 will not follow the plotted route and I only fly the 737-500.

    I live in Europe and will certainly NOT mind if they omit the entire globe and focus on the SoCal and NoCal area plus Hawaii. Add a good (in depth like FMC) system for navigation and a good Autopilot and you have a satisfying simulator.

    Ideally you would be able to update Airac cycles from Navigraph. The point in keeping the sim in this restricted area is that development of a good ATC system will be much easier. After that, make AI aircraft that move around and fill the sky and will fly routes with SID's/STAR's. Then focus on Multiplayer environments like IVAO, PilotEdge and VatSim.

    This has great potential