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    Thanks for your interest in building objects and airports for Aerofly FS 2, looking forward to seeing your content in the simulator.

    We have exporters available for Cinema 4d and 3ds max, and those will be in the initial release of the SDK. If there is demand to support a wide-spread open file format we will have a look at it and see if it can be processed by our tools.

    here an options maybe? is C++…rrabuilder.aspx

    I need the following

    - Window resize option and a window/full screen mode then the taskbar comes to the front that's missing right now.

    - Switching windows doesn't pause the sim anymore after last update (nice) sadly seeing the airplane moving in the background lost hardware controles after getting another screen like a chart in the front of the sim, the aircraft is

    - A personal picture on AeroFly forum.


    - Holding the brakes and RPM 1800 C172 gets de airplane rolling forward at the runnup area. Needs to be changed. also a handbrake is missing.

    -Mixture needs to be added C172.

    FS X is made by a big company Microsoft, IPACS is much smaller and to get AeroFly at level FS X was in that time, IPACS need much more time en us to support the IPACS team and realize not hit them in the face "you don't have this and that already"

    FS X was delivered as a default simulator. Many years further it is of that level you like it to be used right now, but still not at that visual level IPACS can deliver to us. Big plus for IPACS is the computer specs we have today

    We need to spread the word of IPACS, (AeroFLy FS 2) to build on. Maybe then future investments like the big player devs realize "yes its worth now". For example Razbam is developing for DCS.

    PAPI (Precision Approach Path Indicator) These white lights are lighting up as if you don't wan't to look directly into lights of an approaching car.

    It's too much guys adjust them please as it should be in terms of brightness I can't 'barely' see red over white, looks like I fly all the time above glide path even at close range...

    Maybe it's just the bloom or lens flare a bit too, or both, whit too much red a bit to to weak?

    IPACS, Please please, get rid of the in cockpit multi-element zoom lens thats shows up every time when facing/flying directly into the sun, it is really distracting as PIC (Pilot In Command)

    It is nice spotting airplanes at the side of runways and see the effect of multi-element zoom lens, but in the cockpit it is distracting and not realistic at all !!! Please take this seriously and delete this bij default just by only in the cockpit.

    Better squeeze the screen some what as we do so with the eyes looking directly into the sun... add some very whitish (yellow red glow caus the blood is fltered by our eyes...) so the gauges are a bit harder to see at that particular moment.

    Further more, this sim gives me a PIC feel alike so much!!! can not wait when you add Florida, The Netherlands, Saint martin, Europe, Saint-Barthélemy . in the future...

    As X-Plane does you could do the same approach, provide a beta Demo for 15 minutes for a selected area California for example.

    People who didn't bought it caus of the high price maybe, get now back to you again because they have the possibility trying the demo and feel the sim for them selves for a few minutes. 15 minut not more...

    But maybe this is more interesting after you have expanded the flying area.. don't wait to long with expanding the flying area.

    It is that what the sim community is looking for.

    I like to see Skyvector as map view, can you do that? Or a build in browser to search maps or the like should the need arise.

    Multiplayer aircraft for PilotEdge, IVAO, VATSIM, ATC systems's Needs realy priority too.

    Is that goal applicable in the roadmap for the best virtual flight experiences?

    A real world weather system based on weather stations around the globe, would you implement this too in the future?

    SDK is that coming soon?

    Your price is good the sim should even rise in price while in development, really! Aerofly FS2 whit a full scale world and good modeled systems the price should at least be 199, Euro's seen by the love you already put into it..... This is P3D price too.

    And you guys need a relaxed vacation in the Carribiean sun !!! Trust me!

    Anyway I appreciate your achieved goals.