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    I'm really wanting to start practicing my object building for this sim and am just wondering if we'll HAVE to use AutoDesk to build the objects or will something like Google Sketchup work just the same? What file format will the program need to output to work with the SDK?

    Sorry if this is too premature at this point, but I've always been interesting in building airports and feel that this sim will be worth my time and effort.

    Thanks for your input, the "What they're currently working on" board sounds good to me.

    At the moment, we're preparing an update that will fix some bugs and improves usability, and will be available this week. Also, we're evaluating the many topics, ideas and suggestions from the community with respect to required resources and time.

    Very understandable. Thanks for the reply! Hope it gets implemented!

    Does IPACS have some sort of update/"What they're currently working on" board? I've known a couple of early access companies that had Public Trello boards with what the team was currently doing, whether it be a new feature, fixing a bug, or completed projects. It was really helpful in letting the fans know what was upcoming in the next update and what had already been implemented in the sim/game.

    I'll start off by saying thank you to the developers for what is already in exsistance. I think this a fantastic starting point for any flight simulator. I already have about 10 hours logged. I've spent hundreds of dollars to try and get FSX to look this good (without success) so the asking price of 49.99 is drops in the bucket comparative.

    The good for me:
    1) Graphics
    2) Flight Dynamics
    3) Default Aircrafts
    4) VC's and exteriors are great looking (love that there is a pilot that actually casts shadows!)
    5) Flight planning is easy and actually fun

    Needing Improvement (IMO)
    1) NEED TO BE ABLE TO SHUT DOWN THE ENGINES (This is a simple one that I hope gets pushed out shortly, I take pride in getting that flying boat to the next airport and thus, want to shut her down properly).
    2) Ground dynamics - There is no ground noise or "bumping" while moving an aircraft
    3) Lighting needs to cast of the ground while landing and taxiing, I CAN'T SEE WHERE I'M GOING AT NIGHT!
    4) Water Effects, general ground movement - This is less important for me as I usually fly larger, higher jets but it would be nice to have a "less-flat" ocean.
    5) As everyone has already stated, the systems need to be a bit more advanced. I like having at least a short startup process and would like for at least fuel and hydraulics in the default aircraft's, but do understand that FMCs are probably more of a third-party thing as they take quite a bit of development.

    I can't thank you enough for this sim as I totally had given up on flight simming because of FSX's shortfalls and AeroFly just helped resurrect it!