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    Indeed, no Killer-Hardware needed,
    after the update I have steady 70-90 fps with all set to max (only few clowds though) at a resolution of 5760x1060 (3 monitors)

    My rig is:

    Intel i5-3570K an ASROCk Z77PRO (quite old) only slightly overclocked, cuz I like it quiet
    16GB RAM
    Gigabyte GeForce 1060 Windforce OC 6G (a very quiet graphics card and the only new hardware in my rig)

    They did a very good job with this update, my fps increased by appr. 20%

    IVAO / VATSIM is not so much about seeing other players planes (you dont see them in the air that often anyway, more on the ground while parking / taxiing), so it is not that important, how good the other players plane is rendered. Its more about flying in "controlled" airspace, since it is just a lot more realistic to be guided down by a human controller much like in reality.
    So the IVAO / VATSIM controller sits in front of a virtual radar screen with all the (simulated) planes, this software uses the same multiplayer API than that of the Flightsims. The multiplayer protocol of both controllers and pilots is then implemented on a server, where all clients (pilots and controllers) connect to.
    This should not be that hard to implement in FS 2 (I was a member of software staff on IVAO, so I know what I am talking about).

    Since I have flown and controlled (and still do frequently) on IVAO Multiplayer Network for a couple of years now, I can tell you that this feature (I am talking about IVAO/VATSIM connectivity) would boost sales of fs2 beyond any possible imagination. These two communities are rather large, where VATSIM is more US oriented and IVAO has more european members, until now they have to fly with the antiquated FSX or the Lockheed version P3D (basically a FSX Clone with some upgraded features) or X-Plane...
    Imagine what aerofly FS2 with these by far superior graphics could do for these communities. And best of all, you would not have to do this yourself. They have their own software developers, just enable multiplayer in fs 2, give them the API, explain it to them, they are making their client compatible and boom, you are in business...

    I would love it to fly in IVAO / VATSIM networks with aerofly fs2. And I bet, a lot of others would love that too...

    Just my 2 cents.