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    Heywooood - MSI afterburner handles GPU not Mobo, and it works whatever the brand of your card.

    This Tip works flawlessly I just verified it was still actual before posting (I mostly use VR), but of course drhotwing1 is right it is only for screen use.

    In VR oculus or other brand's SDK handles its own Vsync (90Hz) and caplimit (90fps). When I use VR I set Vsync off ingame and zero external settings.

    I personnaly experienced no downside to this tip - it just solves cumulus + vsync trouble - but it's just user's finding.

    Hi Heywooood.

    There is a tip for you if you want to enjoy full cumulus clouds coverage without any trouble. It works till the first day and is easy.

    If you use a screen and Vsync on ingame, then problem happens with cumulus : it makes the game rendering "pausing" every second or less.

    The solution that works perfectly is to :

    1) untick Vsync ingame (Vsync off)

    2) in Nvidia control panel go to 3D parameters / programm parameters / set a profile for aerofly fs 2 and just set Vsync ON for this profile and apply.

    3) download and install MSI afterburner - launch it - then open the associated task "Riva TunerStatisticsServer" and set a profile for aerofly fs 2 - then just put the framerate limit to 60 (or whatever is your screen refreshrate).

    That way you can set a full coverage cumulus and cirrus and have a perfect smoothness/framerate, just like when you set zero cumulus without this tip.

    Hi huhrut,

    thanks for sharing the experience but it made no differences to me.

    I was hopping you found Something as I always use the default overclock (4.8ghz) with my system + gpu not limited in power consumption.

    But running all stock gave me the same behavior - there a picture of the FPS curve in afterburner :

    The last graph "images par secondes, IPS" shows 90fps with lots of stutters (each square is 10 seconds : sometimes 3 stutters in 10 seconds, sometimes no stutter in 30-40 seconds)

    I also tried with no monitoring running (afterburner off), with or without any cirrus or cumulus, no difference.

    The picture is the same for me when system overclocked.

    It's not hudge but still a problem in VR to me with AFFS2

    Have nice days. Bye.

    J van E - I don't agree what you say about real stutters in P3D, even if I only have the latest v4 (probably things changed), because in VR there are no one (look at the VR FPS graph I posted on top). But ok I understand what you say. It's probably a small issue and certainly we have different expériences.

    For now with the posts I read here stutters are not a problem, and drhotwing mostly said "some exists in some case" and "more performance tweak are to come". OK. I knew that but I was concerned about IPACS communication about this specific point, as I see it's the only "performance" issue that, for me, hurt the VR experience, and as for me it happens permanently (look the AFFS2 FPS curve - it's absolutely recurrent).

    Of course using a screen, going light with settings, flying slow and so on minimize the impact of stutters to probably imperceptible but I report a specific case

    But 2 or 3 users bothered about that of course means nothing.

    yes whitav8 as you and drhotwing say I believe this issue comes from some kind of loading process or data transfer process - I believe it's always the case with stutters - but stutters occures frequently whatever the complexity, even if it has a certain impact on it.

    No jk1895 I don't think your cpu is involved in stutters, it's not related to performance or settings - I had i5 4460 / gtx 970 / HDD and now i7 7700k / gtx 1080Ti / SSD, the performances changed but not the stutters, they happen with screen or VR.

    I'm more satisfied than disappointed - it's just that without it, VR VFR wise, it would be perfect. But a "small" issue, that I juge very annoying in VR, can involve a big work / coding change or maybe something not possible for now. I just point : it exists, without it it would be perfect, it's not a fatality (compare with "comparable" sim), and if I don't mistake about this issue existing (some don't experience it) - can it be resolved it would be great (only if it's not just for 1 annoying customer...)

    Yes bbrz for now speed and G's are at no cost or limit.... it won't last long.

    Hi, I should have specify that these stutters are issue with speed increasing.

    At very low speed (or with slow Aircraft) they exists but not a problem (no real perception).

    But take a F-18 or F-15 and go fast and there they impact the experience.

    On the fly I monitored I was full afterburner almost all the time.

    Hi again,

    I use only oculus vr mode, I can use clouds or no clouds and have this stutters, it's not related with settings or number of rendering objects.

    Yes they are probably related with some loading process (objects or textures or something else) - I don't know I just can see it (and I guess any VR user can cause it's the only thing, when settings / config allow enough FPS, that downgrade the VR experience : these short freezes regularly jump to your sight) and of course I monitored it because I saw it and not the opposite.

    Don't get me wrong to because I can't complimente better than saying that this issue is, in my opinion, the only thing that separate AFFS2 from the perfection (VR VFR experience wise !) - to be fair I should have said, in my stutters comparaison with P3D, that on others aspects VR experience is better in most ways with AFFS2 (but the point was stutters)

    It's not a point of how many compliment / how many make critics, I am in the two cases and most of us that ask things are, and I want to see AFFS2 being improved where it needs to from my user's experience point of view (here VR VFR wise).

    It's a point of do most of us VR users experience this issue (that's why the thread) and if so can you be precise concerning its solving (you say there will be more performance tweaks but what about this particular point ? once again the only issue I can see performance wise)


    Hi drhotwing1,

    no comparison war at all - no purpose - the monitoring comparison is there to show the fps curve in a flightsim and cpu/gpu usage when there is no stutter problem.

    Aerofly FS 2 has a stutter problem, a thing that is not normal and that can be resolved only with work on the "coding" or "programmation" of the game.

    The point I am trying to make here, as you doubt, is to point at a problem trying to have, or not, a consensus that there is a problem (I'm not alone pointing at this and I make this thread to picture it the best way I can) in the purpose of making developpers fixing it. I'm sure it would be positive not only for my own use ?

    I don't talk about general performances of Aerofly FS 2, everyone, users or 3rd party developper, admitts it's great. Stutters are another problem (they happens whatever the settings or number of rendering objects) that is performance wise but nothing to do with max FPS wich are great.

    I thought I was clear and short as possible with this thread ?

    If you say me (us!) in the name of IPACS that, technically wise, yes there is some stutters, and no there is nothing we will do about it we think it's normal...So ok I (we) have an answer (bad for me) and thread deserves to be closed.

    What I would like to hear is yes, there is an issue, we will resolve it when it will be it's turn.

    Hi Oldar, it's not less stutters .... it's not at all.

    The issue you can have with P3D is fps problems due to overloading gpu or, more usually, cpu (1 thread/core the most used).

    P3dv4 is able to run great in VR or screen - it's just a matter of setting well the gpu-heavy and the cpu-heavy options, so both cpu and gpu are well used and one doesn't bottleneck the other.

    But no stutter issue at all, that is the actual only performance problem of Aerofly FS 2. BTW you can see it with FPS curves for one and the other.

    Hi, I write this thread 1) to put a picture on the culprit 2) to ask VR users to agree or not so it could become a priority (another... I know) to resolve it.

    First of all, I give the congratulations that IPACS team deserves for all the work done and in progress, that lead to this awesome VFR VR experience.

    Now the known issue... the stutters. It's been disscussed two threads below, I and others posted about it before.

    The VR VFR experience is near to perfect but this issue is the only performance issue I know that separate the actual rendering from perfection.

    So here is afterburner monitoring of a short fly above switzerland, starting from Iterlaken, aerobatic full afterburner over mountains tops and landing not far. Settings are : maxed out and 2.0 SS pixel density (EDIT : no in fact it was 1.5 pixel density. At 2.0 GPU overloads ), 30% clouds cumulus and cirrus, oculus rift :

    As you can see, with these settings, gpu and cpu are well used but handle it perfectly.... but the FPS curve (images par seconde, IPS) is not 90fps flat : you can see the stutters's downward peaks. (each time stutter occures the fps point to zero during the period the stutter lasts). It's a hurt regarding the awesome look and perf of Aerofly FS 2.

    So I hope all the VR users that agree with that and want it to be resolved will just post, even if developpers know it and surely know what to do... but there are priorities, each of developpers having only two arms. My hope is that it will be solved as soon as possible.

    My specs : I7 7700K@4.8ghz, 1080Ti gaming x, 32GB 3200mhz, ssd, win10

    To compare here is the afterburner monitoring of Prepar3d - same location / fly - similar conditions (LOD10 mesh, 2meters photoreal textures, no autogen trees - P3D trees are too big and ugly color on photoreal - but almost full autogen buildings, almost same clouds coverage and SS pixel density 1.5 - 2.0 overload gpu -) with a flat 90 fps curve with oculus rift :


    Hi, Nothing to do to solve this issue. (I run aeroflyFS2 with SSD, I7700K, GTX 1080Ti, 32GB ram)

    Well known loading stutter wich I also don't appreciate much in VR...

    I'm sure it will be solved by the IPACS team at a point.

    Bye !

    I agree 1080Ti + i7-7700k + Oculus Rift is top team for sim VR but I give an other try with a question I have : what about the reccurent "stutters" or loading micro freezes that happen when flying in VR at high knots ? it's the annoying point in Vr experience that I don't experience in other VR sims (dcs, p3d v4 ...). And it's not a "performance" issue cause not relative to settings.