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    A second post... It's weird on New York I flew everything allright ... then I touched a building slightly and was alive .... then i tried Something more direct and engine run off but instead of spawning I still flew.... at this time all the trees came up !! see the pictures.
    Jean Grey lives there !....

    Hi :
    1) 2.0.1 EA4.46 (20170608)
    2) ultra
    3) Yosemite (see pictures with exact position - but happened away to - only flew there on short flight)
    4) 1080Ti drivers 382.53 (latest) - also, that was in VR (same spots, not in VR = no problem)

    Hi, I jump in this thread to question about what I expect the most in the current progress of this sim .....
    I play with CV1 only and my problem is related to continuous loading stutters .... When I fly a low speed Aircraft it's excellent but when I fly high speed the "loading stutters" (? is it really?) are constant (every few second a micro-pause occures) and in VR it's a problem .... and it's a pain since beginning of the sim.
    Of course it's early access / work in progress but does new information about this specific performance aspect exist or could be given by IPACS team ?
    Other aspects of developpement appear less important to me (will take the time it needs) cause I enjoy much just flying around with all the variety of locations and aircrafts !!
    (Also I like very much the fact vertical surfaces of ground can be well textured like in monument valley and the new animated people on the ground very well modelled !)

    Hi, another thing i recently discovered : forcing triple buffering in nvidia control panel boost the performances ingame.
    Actually i run : vsync and triple buffering in nvidia control panel, 60 fps limit in Rivatuner, no ingame vsync - the result is, with ultra options and full clouds and flying over san Francisco, a good 60 fps with really few stutters and near imperceptible few fps drop. (before that fps drop was really noticeable in this "worst case" situation for performances)
    In nvidia control panel, global settings of 3D settings, i also put "1 screen performance mode" and "max performances" in management of powering mode (don't know if it's the right traduction from french....) that may have also an impact.

    Hi! First of all thank you very much Virtual Glider cause your tips works and works great ! Rivatuner (part of msi afterburner i downloaded) do the job : caping framerate makes stutter with full cumulus disappear when using ingame vsync, even if monitoring the game shows no higher framerate than 60 without caping. In my experience i have to limit framerate to 62, cause less than that makes tearing appear (my screen : asus vs278q - my rig : i5 4460 16 gb gtx 970)
    But when flying over big city like San Francisco or Vegas with full cumulus makes tearing appear with vsync on and framerate limited to 62 - in my experience the best result i obtain is by activating vsync in nvidia panel / shutting down ingame vsync / and caping framerate to 60.
    In this case i have no tearing at all and stutter limited to minimal.
    Cheers and thanks again !
    Oh! and a question : do you have the same "problem" than me in the way you can't activate "on screen dispay" in rivatuner cause it makes the game crash ?

    hi, i report a terrain geometry bug at position N 34°34 W 118°56 (see screenshots) - it's a permanant bug and solid (you crash if flythrough)
    i also report bugs that are not permanant (if you load another spot and come back the bug is no longer there) i had it over Dunsmuir (see screenshots) and Edwards AFB (no screenshots)
    In these cases the whole airfield goes up to 30000 feet high with nice cliffs around it