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    Thanks. Did have some awareness but didn't realise this was how it works and that was modelled in the Sim. Nice to hear there is the level of detail is considered. This program has the potential to be a leader as it develops. The graphics engine is just so refreshing after years of 32 bit architecture and cpu dependent graphics. Once again thank you.

    Is the Corsair really slow to lose revs when throttle is reduced in real life. I note the engine pitch doesn't change much either but instruments respond.
    Great sim it.

    Firstly just let me say I find this sim so engaging after years of MSFS.
    It's just so immediate and simple access.
    Been flying around Switzerland over the area I visited recently.
    So good in VR.
    One thing I note when using external view is that as I turn my head the sound goes to mono on whichever I'm looking. Is anyone else experiencing this with the CV1.