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    I thought I saw it associated with ikbenick, but if you are sure that the "Dromader ..." only exists for RC.Sim. I'm wrong.

    The next message from Tomfa, it is safety that has confused me.

    Thanks for your clarification, and thanks also Tomfa.

    Greetings: Delfin

    I am not sure ...but in moment I didnt see a Dromedar for AF2 , I think ...

    Hello to the both of you,

    Is indeed available for AFS2 but only if you perform a small donation to the author of so many extra airplanes, most of them free but

    this and some others are downloadable(also via Github) after Krzysztof let you know by mail as a thank you for buying him a coffee :-)

    his website:

    Steam allows you to install FS2 on 2 different PCs under the same account but you can only play one or the other - not both at the same time.

    Yes, no issue...I perform it often. Or I use my PC or I use my Laptop via Steam installed on both but of coarse with same accoount-inlog.

    Both Steam-install's are updated automatically to be syncrone from startup of one or the other. So, never both at the same time opening 'steam' !


    I have not the issue with wall textures on the roof of buildings in any scenery and also not floating cars in and around Innsbruck-LOWI, but what I have now in Innsbruck(Orkx scenery) are 3 tall and very small objects on separated places within the community of Innsbruck, see attached screenshots:

    It looks like the sim can't open the 3d model. These log entries were also shown when the option.tmc was missing but that should be fixed with the latest version.

    An easy fix for you would be to copy the standard cessna c172 option.tmc file into each of the affected user made aircraft folders.


    Finally got all aircrafts right. The ones that caused CTD was same issue that Sylvain had with his p2008, the double [ ] at one line in x.tmd file.

    The other problem that a random choosen livery result in showing the default one is solved by adding 'options.tmc' to every livery of concerned aircraft.

    I suppose that also other members can have same issues, maybe good idee to inform them all, can you post an extra info with my findings?

    My laptop is the Acer Helios 300 and very satisfied on every resolution and screenformat with all graphics-sliders maxed out.

    Is just a sugestion because I'm a happy user with the HW-configuration. I must admit, relatively expensive but in general:

    Going for good or best results: all has it's price. Furthermore think to the future for a lang lasting HW-system enjoyment.

    Hello 'Jet-Pack',

    You suggest to rename user- or addon scenery map to another name than 'scenery'. I'm confused: If the entire folder 'scenery' changes to let say

    'trymap' , will by upstart AFS2 find everything back what is supposed to load "elevation-images-places" for all regio's without problems?

    The tomahaw PA-38 is the free version from Krzystof like the majority of all other 3th party planes.

    Hereby the 'tm.log' file just after AFS2 crashed to desktop, not desktop because as AFS2 via Steam is also installed(as a mirror) on my Laptop,

    so the file hereby comes from the Laptop and after try to load the (free)Tomahawk.


    • tm.log

      (339.64 kB, downloaded 19 times, last: )

    After the most recent update of AFS2 I get a CTD by choosing follow 3th party free aircrafts:

    PA-38 Tomahawk

    C152 (not from JustFlight!)


    Rutan Long-EZ

    Socata Rallye MS.893

    For the majority of the free 3th party aircrafts, when selecting a wanted livery -> the shown plane is always shown in the default livery

    and this is strangely also for the C172SP standard-AFS2 plane.

    Thank you 'brunobellic' for the fine made airport additions for the Baleares and now for the Canarias. Doesn't matter for me in what order because I thrust that you will make them for all involved Islands one after another. Take your time for these splendid additions to the Spain-scenery Add.

    I readed in the update-items that also the map can be closer zoomed-in, that's fine but no news about my request from I think 2 years ago to make possible to detach the map and possibility to move it to another screen so the sim-view remains complete viewable while you can follow the path

    of your aircraft on the 2nd screen like it is possible in all other Sim's(FSX-P3D-XP).

    A lot of people also fly into Oahu and go on the Pride of America for a week. That visits all the main islands. Very nice way of getting to see them too, although not at the moment. :-(

    Together with my wife we went to West-US in June 2010, as closure we made a 4d cross-over to Honolulu with a stay at Waikiki Beach. Visited the highlights of Oahu. But we regret that we missed(by lack of time) the even or more beautiful other Islands like Maui and Kauai. To redone? Maybe...

    I really enjoy flying over this exotic area in the middle of the Pacific. However I encountered a small issue concerning the many sailboats that are

    luckely moving for a dynamic addition to the scenery; some are sailing of the coast inland and over land on westcoast(Sth Barking Sands) of the

    Island Kauai. Maybe an attentionpoint to adapt the sailing-path that some sailboats making. It's weird to see boats sailing over land :-)

    (for info: I have set the boats to see at 100%)

    Like in previous postings here, I must also express my impression after making first flights over this magnificent scenery: it's top-quality and

    better said payware-quality and that only for a small part sofar that I discovered so many goodies in detailled scenery elements all around.

    I just posted my first serie of screenshots of the Island Kauai in the Gallery.....