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    Take care too : the "FranceMiddlepart" elevation is not compatible...

    Hello 'Toorop',

    Not seen an issue on this, but maybe by deleting the files covering the zone 'Ile-de-Paris' and leave the rest to enhance other regio's like the

    made sceneries around the Puys and Clermont-Ferrand ? How to identify the *.tth files for Paris-regio?

    I have the same restrictions with my Honeycomb yoke. Driver-software only for FSX/P3D and for XP11.

    At the moment this yoke was announced, I made a posting about and the request to IPACS-Staff to take contact

    with supplier for arranging also driver-plugin for AFS2 next to the other regular flightsims, but no reaction to my request... :-(

    + a map (the own map in AFS2) that you can detach from the flightscreen and move(and preferable enlarge to full screen) to a 2nd monitor should

    be very helpful....already asked nearly 2 years ago as I was starting flightsimming via AFS2 next to others(FSX,P3D,XP) that well have this possibility.

    Yes, indeed IZOJUB...I have 95% your cultivation on 70 Italy-locations all packed together in 'places' under the main Italy-folder and is a huge 90GB.

    The loadtime by choosing an Italian location has raised to at least 3 Min. I'm looking forward to your new collected ans smaller Italy-cultivation :)

    Yes, Austria, Sardinia and Mallorca are the next little Projekts. After this maybe Spain and Portugal? France? China? Japan? Voting please! ^^

    Fine areas to make, but don't spent effort in's already present but I don't remember who made it, sorry.

    I have it installed and works very well. Austria, without the area of LOWI(made by Orbx), sounds great to complete the Alps.

    If you are talking about my Italian Cultivation, all the old files are deleted and I am re processing it into one new package and will upload it to when completed.

    Luckely that I had downloaded in the past all the Italia cultivations available. I have 72 different locations from 'Acri' to 'Vipiteno' for a total of 93GB.

    They work very well together with the current scenery-images from Schnuffelduffel. Again a great thank you IZOJUB for the upload in the past.

    The advantage of 'Steam' is that under your unique account you can always re-install all the via Steam purchased SW. So, also AFS2 and the possible DLC's you had as extra for it. I supppose that your SSD or HDD where the fresh Win10 is on, still have a mapping-structure where valuable data can be

    retrieved from. The only doubt I have is concerning the 'documents-folder' if you have other 3rd party addon's for AFS2 originally stored on this location. I hope for you that you can restore as maximum possible of your originals, good luck...;)

    Attention; for those who have the Venice-area and the airports LIPV ans LIPZ installed, do not delete all of it !!!

    Just delete the images of this scenery-part except these of ZL14. After install of the new collection from Schnuffelduffel, copy them to

    tile i5 because they give an even sharper texture of the Venice-area. The content in 'places' is wonderful and a shame to delete it.

    In the meantime, thank you Schnuffelduffel, the scenery looks amazing good and will now upload some first shots of 3 first flights

    over the Italian Alps: Lake Garda, area of Bolzano and Genua at the Liguria Coast.

    Very nice screenshots of gorgeous real-looking scenery. But a question: while this addon from VFR France is not yet available(?), are these shots from the same scenery addon for P3Dv4? Or do you have the previlege to already have this scenery installed in AFS2?

    Agreed with the above described arguments from Orbx and as I'm also member of the Orbx-forumgroup, in their subforum for AFS2 related issues, I have several times made the remark and the request to re-open the possibility for creating/conversion of/from the fine made FSX/P3D/XP Adds but sofar without positive reaction from the Orbx-staff. The basic reason in my opinion is the non-profit balance between the developmentcost and the revenu from sales of AFS2-products.