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    You can create a basic route with the flight plan menu by selecting your origin and destination airport.

    Then in the sim you can tell the EC135 to fly the route by selecting the NMS navigation source (should already be set per default I think) and then push the NAV button on the autopilot once you are in the air.

    See the wiki page for more infos on how to use the EC135 autopilot:…aircraft:ec135_helicopter

    Thank you very much for your quick response, when you tell me to activate the autopilot, does this mean that I will fly the ec135 for me ???, I am the one who wants to pilot the ec135, not that the machine does it for me, my ignorance in these matters are great. Another question if you are so kind, I want to pilot the ec135 in realistic mode, I read in a message of yours hsce time that for this you have to press a red button on the helicopter to be able to pilot it without any help, where is that red button? ??

    Thank you very much for helping this beginner.

    Congratulate the gentlemen of Aerofly Fs2 for the impressive Ec135 helicopter, its amazing !!!! it is a real wonder to fly it !!!!, what incredible sensations in vr !!!!, I liked it so much that I want to go deeper with the helicopter and learn to make useful and productive flights with it.

    I have a challenge to overcome, I am a complete beginner in meaningful flight, now I do silly flights without knowing where I am going, this is something that will tire me and I will leave it.

    How can I face flying with a goal ?????

    Where are there missions to perform with the Ec135 ????

    AND WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT, please would someone be so kind to tell me in a simple way as meter in the navigation instrumentation in a way that is as simple as possible as going from point A to point B ????

    In this way I will make flights with a destination, with a purpose, now as I don't know how to get from point A to point B, I dedicate myself to flying in continuous turns and this is something that will end up tiring me.

    Please give me some small indications so that my flights on the wonderful aerofly fs2 and its impressive ec135 have a meaning, a goal.

    Thank you very much for helping this beginner in the amazing world of aerofly fs 2 and its wonderful eurocopter.

    Any help to understand how to do useful things with the instrumentation and navigation will be greatly appreciated.

    Greetings friends.

    It would be very interesting, the possibility of me making a flight with the wonderful R22 helicopter by Manhattan and then being able to experience that flight a friend or family member putting the vr hmd Vive Pro, it would be fantastic !!!, even move them by the seats of the aircraft while enjoying the trip , the idea is that I make the flight that they ask me in virtual reality and then with the replay my family enjoys it without having to drive since they do not know how to do it, just enjoy the trip, will developers consider implementing this feature ????.


    Thank you very much to all dear friends.

    I already have a bunch of beautiful places to fly with your directions.

    This is the greatness of Aerofly Favor and the amazing R22, you invest money but in return you have hundreds and hundreds of hours, thousands of hours of fun and places to discover, over low heat and tasty.

    No other game on the market gives you this inverted dollar ratio vs. number of hours of fun.

    It is absolutely fantastic !!!.


    Thank you very much for the help, as a suggestion it would be nice to add an option to appear on the track with the R22 off and having to turn it on by hand, from my point of view it would give a much more realistic touch.

    Until then, I'll turn it off by hand and then start.

    I found this video tutorial, I guess I can apply it in aerofly fs 2.

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    You deserve a very high and positive note, Aerofly Fs2 is technically the best civil air simulation, besides being the simulator with better performance in virtual reality far ahead of the rest of simulators on the market, right now I will leave in steam my positive comment about his work, the R22 is amazing !!!!.

    My most sincere congratulations for the wonderful r22 helicopter that you have offered us, the professional flight mode transmits great sensations.

    Now with a helicopter, flying a few meters from the water, makes the textures remove much realism.

    Create a water in movement would be possible ????

    It is not necessary that it be a very advanced water, that it has enough life to fly over it with the wonderful r22.

    Would it be possible ???

    Gentlemen of ipacs, this Christmas my 200 dollars of my wife's gift will go totally destined to expand your wonderful Aerofly Fs 2 universe WITH HELICOPTER !!!!.

    Adding the r22 has made you my favorite simulator in vr.

    Thank hoy si much Friends forma this increíble HELICOPTER !!!!!.


    Thanks for the update of the data, we are many people that we are pending of all the information that you can go sharing.

    My friend, a suggestion, it would be a great test for you and for all of us, that you install your rtx 2080TI on a computer with an I7 6700K , I7 7700K, I7 8700K processor and then test the aerofly fs2, with the same configuration and same scenarios.

    On the pc of a friend, a relative, a neighbor, a co-worker ?????

    Would it be possible ???

    Thank you very much for continuing to share the tests with all of us.


    Thank you very much for sharing your personal data, they are really interesting for me, I have great doubts about what to do, I do not know if I sell my Titan Xp.

    I have personally put a barrier to get rid of my Titan Xp, I would like to achieve an improvement in fps of at least 20/30% to make the jump to an Rtx 2080TI.

    It is difficult to find any user who can comment on the jump of the Titan Xp to the 2080TI, but if it can be easier for someone to talk about the gain of the Gtx 1080TI to the Rtx 2080TI, that information would be useful as concerning.

    I know I have to add an additional performance of 7/10% more to a 1080TI to know the reference point of the Titan Xp.

    If any friend wants to add more experiences to this post, I would be very grateful.

    Greetings friends.

    Pd: Excuse me my english.....;)

    Thanks mate for this interesting information, it is a topic that worries me, I use virtual reality a lot.

    My leisure time in vr is distributed 50% in the wonderful Aerofly Fs 2 and the other 50% is the Dcs World for the helicopters.

    When Aerofly has the R22, it will be 100%, hahahaha.

    I think your system is doing a bottleneck with that I7 4000 series.

    Personally I have a big question, my current system is an I7 7700k oc, 32 Gb. Ram 2133 hz and Titan Xp.

    I am thinking of selling the Titan Xp and buy the Rtx 2080TI, really I will win improvement in frames ???.

    That improvement how much will it be ???

    5% ??, 10% ??, 20% ??, 30% ?? ....

    Someone can clarify it.

    My first contact with the aerial simulation was years ago in a monitor with "Flight Simulator", the experiencis I do not get hooked.

    The first day that fly Aerofly Fs2 in virtual reality, I bought all the modules through Steam and I have not stopped flying and studying how it is done, I am a rookie.

    All the new material that I keep publishing, I will keep buying it.

    Ipacs are the culprits that has reserved in China a Pimax 8k hmd, that's all said.

    I love Aerofly Fs2 in vr !!!!.


    Great idea to remember all the people who are starting in the world of simulation with Aerofly Fs2 and that the knowledge we have is non-existent.

    As in my case, virtual reality will put the poison in the body of the aerial simulation, we need now more than ever these fantastic tutorials step by step and starting from scratch.

    Please Ipacs !!!!!, I encourage you to make a tutorial section for beginners of the rest of the aircraft.

    Thank you very much and greetings.


    Please friend, Can you tell me what to do and with what order do I have to reassign the arrow keys in order to move the menu to the aircfrats and pass them left / right / left to select the model that I want ???

    What exact order do I assign in the keyboard configuration menu ???

    Since I reprogrammed the cursor keys to try to assign them to move the cabin view in vr, they have not responded again.

    My mistake, I am already clear that the vr view can only be recentered with the space key.

    Previously, before trying to reprogram them if they worked perfectly and they let me move the aircrafs in the model selection menu.

    Try to make your advice, that is, enter aerofly in non-vr mode, but it did not work, they still do not work to move the aircfats and select the model that I want.

    However, being inside aerofly, I go to the desktop without closing aerofly (alt + tab) and if they are working perfectly inside the windows desktop.

    What may be happening ????

    Thank you very much for the help.

    Greetings Ipacs team.