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    I hadn't really thought about multiplayer, but as I read through this thread I realised it would make a huge difference to the flying experience. Simply flying circuits with other traffic and having to make appropriate radio calls would be so much fun. Flying Nav flights with a buddy, competition flying with fellow glider pilots, the list goes on.

    it would be amazing.



    You would think it would have to be a thing. PImax a Chinese company, are releasing a 8K VR headset this year. That is two 4K screens, one for each eye. I imagine SLI would be the way to go to render enough complexity for each eye in the time available. Also with a 200+ degree field of view. FS2 would look amazing in that, but what graphic card could handle it alone?

    I'll give that a go. My friend knows nothing about flying so the flight director would be really handy for those initial lessons.

    "i" didn't seem to do it in vr, with the rift, neither does v seem to change visibility in vr, unless I'm missing something. On another note where did you get your information because manuals seem lacking?

    I think usually it's "i".
    If you hop into the cockpit and fly a standard turn and keep the altitude you don't need the flight director.

    I'll give that a go. My friend knows nothing about flying so the flight director would be really handy for those initial lessons.


    I have tried to get a friend to fly the flight lessons in vr with the rift. The flight director is not there at the top of the "screen" is there a button or control I can pres to make this visible when using the rift.


    I have a Titan X gpu an i7 Devils canyon CPU, water cooled and overclocked. Basically I ended up with all of this trying to get P3D to work in VR. With all of this I still had stuttering problems and it was hard to keep the frame rates up. I would get vr nausea. I could never max out the scenery. Canberra Orbx would hardly work in vr. This. Is why the flight over NY is so amazing, smooth at ultra settings. So much to look at out of the window.

    Just had a fly around New York in the C-172 on my DK2 rift. It was stunning! So many buildings! Reflections of buildings in the buildings. Sunset and long shadows, night time and buildings lit up. So much eye candy and still so smooth, I absolutely love it! I remember starting flight sims with Microsoft flight sim as a green grid with a jaggy line at one end to represent mountains. I have ended up with P3D Orbx,Rex Flyinside etc etc and all of the complications of getting them all to talk to each other.

    I haven't had a flight sim that has given so much straight out as Aerofly has. VR Worked flawlessly, all the Saitek controls were recognised and a great selection of aircraft. Absolutely beautiful scenery. OK there are things that I would like, a helicopter around NY would be good, cars moving, better weather, but looking at what you have so far I'm sure these will come.

    I am suprised that Reddit flight sim or you tubers like froogle aren't raving about this. Perhaps they are to heavily invested in P3D. I have spent a fair bit on Orbx over the years and will do again if it's available in Aerofly.
    Thank you for an amazing product


    I'm flying Aerofly fs2 in vr with the rift from my steam account.

    Is there a way to reset my flight lessons? Can I have two or more accounts for flight lessons so that others can try without messing up my progress? Can I retrieve my scores from previous lessons? Can I jump forward and backwards in the lessons?

    I am finding them really helpful in vr but the above tools would really help.