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    May be no use for AFS2, but for FSX & FS9 there are very useful printable manuals by Werner Schott. They run through take off, cruise, landing, etc with speeds. Print them out in A4 & they can be folded into booklets. He does have a large range of aircraft. Just Google his name or they can be downloaded from the usual MSFS sites. ChrisD

    Hi Support As mentioned in my post #3 I use the joystick hat control to move the view, both in the cockpit & also to view the scenery. As I said in #8 with the setting on 120fps the scenery is acceptable, but the cockpit view still jumps. I have a Logitech Freedom 2.4 cordless joystick which the program recognised no problem. I am quite happy to live with the display for now, but as it seems I am not alone in this problem, perhaps the problem could be looked at? I realise this is a Beta version, but if you continue to develop the sim with this quality you will have a big hit on your hands! Regards, ChrisD

    Thanks Overloaded I tried your suggestions, but to be honest I felt it made the problem worse. In the end I have left the nvidia menu vsync on application selection & use 120fps in the in game menu. I get smooth scenery with some tearing & still jumping (stuttering) when I scroll in the cockpit. I'll live with that for now. I flew over Las Vegas at dusk yesterday - fantastic! Then over the Swiss Alps at altitude in the 747 - lovely. I made a comment above about buttons illuminate when in use - I see that at least the Lear & 747 have this anyway - the King Air which I have been flying does not. Thanks for all your comments & I'll keep my eye open in the forums for any further comments about the display. Regards, ChrisD

    Hi gents Thanks very much for your interest. I think I agree with you about the graphics card getting to its limit - time to upgrade I think! I have just looked back through the forum posts & virtual glider on June 20th addresses this problem & he feels it works better without vsync off. I shall re read his post, but either the devs can do something to improve frame rate or someone can give a set of settings for use with nvidia experience - which I think has been mentioned also. There are a few things I would like to see as the sim develops - one is to illuminate a button when it is pressed & in use. I am thinking of the autopilot here. Anyway, I feel the sim has huge potential & I for one am looking forward to seeing it evolve. In the meantime I can live with the stutters. Regards, ChisD (should have been ChrisD but for finger trouble!)

    Hi Thanks for replying. Scan means that if I use my joystick hat to move the view, say from the left window to the right, or if outside the aircraft, move the hat to look at the ground, the screen 'jumps' instead of scrolling smoothly. I suppose you could liken it to a slide show where you go from one picture to the next. I feel it is to do with the graphic set up. I see that the lowest FPS you can use is 120. In FSX I used to set the fps to 30 as it was felt that over that figure the eye could not separate each frame & the display was smooth. I did read somewhere that in a cinema the fps is only 26 for that reason. BTW altering the graphic setting in the game has no effect on the 'jumps'
    I have the latest Nvidia driver installed. Also should mention I am using Win 7 X 64. That was longer than I intended - sorry. ChisD

    Hi I am really pleased with this program & looking forward to seeing it develop. My only problem is that when I am scanning both inside & out, the display moves in a series of jumps. If I do not scan the view or the cockpit the display is almost smooth - only micro stutters. These are large jumps - e.g 4 jumps if I scan the cockpit side to side.
    My PC is an i5-6400 @2.70 GHZ with 16gb Ram. Card is an Nvidia GTX 750ti with 4GB Ram. Anybody any thoughts? ChisD