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    I know some aircraft have a centre position on the gear lever and most centre positions are just a resting position with no function so you would not need to set it to anything, I am not sure about the Boeing set up..

    A Boeing gear centre position would look much better too.

    I agree and lets face it we don't expect it tomorrow but when it fits in with development.

    Implementation of VR brought me to Aerofly and probably many others so reaching out to many different enthusiasts must be good for development because it brings in revenue.

    I am a member of the SouthWest flight simulation group we meet once a month and we normally get about 30 members attend every month and I know most of them are watching how Aerofly FS2 develops if it turns into a simulator that meets their needs they will invest and invest in DLC most flight sim enthusiasts are desperate for something new FSX P3D and Xplane are now to out dated.

    I will be Attending the Cosford Flight Simulation show this year again with the group and will have all my gear there using VR and will probably use Aerofly FS2 as a show piece on the stand and that's because I believe with what I have seen so far that they will progress with this making it quite a reasonable flight simulator by meeting the needs of the flightsim community.

    Its not difficult to understand. If you don't want to use two commands then use the toggle option. There are many keys that I don't need but if someone else needs them that's great, the only difference is that I just don't use them and I am glad that they are there for someone else. If this simulator wants to be a serious contender in the flightsim market then its going to have to meet a wide range of different levels of enthusiasm and yes I do have a home built cockpit with an undercarriage lever.

    Could we please have key mapping for up and down on the landing gear and it would help if we could map keys to rescale in VR.