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    I have created my first FS EARTH TIles BMP files and they are stored in the work folder.

    Now I am looking for the TMC file. It is menbtioned in the tutorial that there is an example TMC file but its not mentioned what name the example file has.

    Looking around in the SDK folders I found: content_converter_config.TMC which looks similar but when opened doesn`t really match the screenshot.

    The screenshot file is named config-region-fallon.tmc but that one I cant find anywhere. I guess this is the example one.

    Should I manually input the structure from:…id=sdk%3Ascenery_creation

    and then input my own filename and coordinates or is there a template available?



    Good evening,

    I followed the tutorial and downloaded FS Earth Tiles 1.03 Beta but wehen I open it I cannot see a map. It just says requested.

    Edit: found it: I had to replace the ini file...

    But its somehow missing in the Wiki that you have to copy the ini file into the FS Earth TIles folder if I am not mistaken.

    I recently upgraded from 16 to 32 GB ram and noticed those microstudders which occured flying straight every couple uf tenths seconds was mitigated a lot. They are still there but very minor.

    My assumption is these hickpus were reloading stutters shuffling textures between HD - RAM - and VRAM

    Just my observation so someone from team can confirm or clarify.

    Titan X Pacal at 2050 mhz and 6700k at 4600 is my system

    Is there a tutorial which explains how this geo converting works? I understand I have to buy download high res fotos somewhere and then convert them to Aerofly? Who would provide these fotos and where can I find out more about it?