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    Agreed, it should be a "merely", but I can't work it out and Larry Lynx Steve has found it a bit confusing too. If you are able to lend a hand :) :)

    Thanks Antoine. Yes my reference to magnetos might have confused people. Basically I've made this button which I have successfully hooked up to any control input I like. I just want it to cause the starter button to depress in sim and the engine to start. I'm trying to work out what TMD changes to make to cause this to happen.

    Steve. I got the following suggestion from Jan. Does this shine any light on the situation?


    The message that the starter expects is "Controls.Starter" and the message "Controls.Magnetos" is already in use in the tmd, so it would also affect the magneto switch. Maybe it's better to use a button like the autopilot disconnect, which this aircraft doesn't have.

    You'll have to change the message of the object "StarterButtonPushed" to "Controls.Magnetos" or "Autopilot.Disengage".

    Yes, I've switched to my old Odyssey for a bit and it does the same. So WMR.

    Having said that, my in game experience in FS2 is not flawless either. I do get occasional "stutters" - actually more like I suddenly jerked my head 45 degrees to the right and back. Not sure if its WMR tracking and light levels or a consequence of CPU load and objects coming into view.

    Thanks Steve and Jan. No luck though I'm afraid. Red box gone (which at least proves I'm editing the right files) but no change to behaviour. The mouse click on the starter button still starts, but when I map the L key to lights and use taxi lights as input, nothing happens. I thought I'd try controls.gear as at least we know that is recognised by FS2, but no difference.

    I’d appreciate some help from the TMD engineers. I think it is a simple thing to do, but i don’t know where to start - map the magneto input to the DR400 start button, so i can start the Robin with a button press. Actually there’s a second thing now i think of it - set it cold and dark.

    Can anyone point me to the right lines to change? Thanks!

    Sorry to hear that but thanks fof confirming i haven’t messed up my system somehow. Yes it is when going from menu to sim. The menu screen usec to disappear but now fights to be displayed.

    Something has started happening recently - when after selecting a location, I start flying in VR, whilst the "Next Up Aerofly FS2" message displays, I see the FS2 menu window over the top flickering at high speed. It clears when I'm in the cockpit but its going to give me a headache. I'm on windows mixed reality and I've done steam integrity on FS2 and Steam VR/WMR.

    Are there any other things I can do? I was trying a leap motion plug in over the last week which might be related but I have since uninstalled that. No improvement. Any ideas anyone?

    I've also tried switching Vulkan - Open GL, again not change.

    This one's for Jet-Pack (IPACS) . I'm making an axis control device for the parking brake on the DR400, but when I tested it I got some wierd behaviour. It wouldn't quite go on/off. This same axis control works find on Cessna, Turbo Arrow etc. Is there something special about the DR400? It does have that twist lock action for example?

    I don't normally pay much attention to the likes and points count associated with our forum id box, but, I heard a rumor that when you accumulate a total of 20,000 points you get a free upgrade to the next release of AFS2, I guess that would be FS3? The other biggie is that you win a trip to Disneyworld. Anyone know the facts?

    Oh, no I've been experimenting with upgrading my reaction and seeing how many points you get for a Like, a laugh or a trophy and every click reduced your points!

    I'm currently preparing a library of static gliders.

    Will be available within the next few days.

    I don't know, whether Phil can use them, but alternatively we can place them manually.

    If you could make them in xref format, it would be easy for me to add the option to place them in FSCP and people would just need to load your xref library once.