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    Is anyone getting problems with their Odyssey or WMR headset whereby it frequently loses position and then has to snap back into place? I'm trying to work out if it happens over areas of heavy cultivation or if its a problem with the onboard cameras not seeing the the area around me clearly enough. It is really putting me off upgrading to another WMR headset.. like the Reverb.

    Wow, if this is what I think it is then I’ve been desperately hoping for IPACs to build it in for a few years now. i don’t find the steam overlay tools very usable so my approach was to render some flight plan key info into modified parts of the aircraft ttx files.

    The Cosmos is ticking a lot of boxes for me.

    Good resolution compromise, inside-out tracking, realistic price, nice looking controllers, included audio, IPD adjustment. It's HTC so every game will test against it eventually.

    It's the spec Oculus should have released this year.

    Also as its native SteamVR it should be running the latest optimisation tweaks which kick in when GPUs are under load. I'm not convinced that WMR is keeping up with Oculus/Valve on that stuff. I think I'm leaning to the Cosmos too but would like some reviews.

    Another one to consider:…ase-date-specs-pre-order/

    So now my choices are (Rift S added for comparison but that doesn't feel like a real upgrade to me):

    HMDRes per eyeOptics / FOVIPD AdjAudioTrackingGPU demandBuild/Fit
    Supposedly enlarged FOV, improved optics
    and better sweet spot but mixed reports. 90hz & 120hz
    Reverb2160x2160Usual FOV/optics sweet spot unknown. Issues with mura.NoWeak?internalHighLooks good
    Cosmos1440x1700Normal FOV. No reviews yetYesBetter?internalNormalNot a fan of halo
    after using Ody
    Rift S1280x1440Normal FOV. Only 80hzNoUsualInternalLowHalo

    Yes i found that frustrating too. Controllers expect to be used throughout the game rather just for occasional use the way we want them. We need a solution built into FS2.

    I should add that for the purpose we bought it, i.e., public engagement events, it is ideal and the ability to clean and disinfect the padding is essential. I tried it on theBlu, and that was amazing; it made the water look much clearer. More about our work here if anyone is interested:…-the-vr-tooth-tour-story/.

    Interestinjg application Graham. What's your IPD by the way? Good point about head shape.

    I got a new Reverb for work (Titan RTX) and tried it on my home system to see if it was worth buying one for myself (GTX 1080). Fortunately for my bank balance, I was quite disappointed. It was certainly better than my Acer WMR headset, but I didn't immediately feel like I was using a completely new Sim. The experience was still much the same, albeit clearer in the centre. Colours were better, but I still could not read the instruments in the R22 clearly (didn't have much time to try other aircraft) and the FOV was still small. Chromatic aberration was very noticeable; this may have been more apparent because of the increased resolution. The image was very blurry away from the centre. With TE Netherlands, the 1080 struggled and there was noticeable judder when flying low in built-up areas. This makes me think that we need an improvement in lens design before we will get decent high resolution in VR. Maybe Samsung will crack it with curved displays. I had hoped that the Reverb would be a game-changer, but the Index would probably be the best bet (larger FOV without pushing the required specs too much), if only it had inside-out tracking and a smaller price-tag.

    Oh nooooo. And I thought I'd settled on my decision. I was basically just waiting for Amazon UK to stock it so I had an easy return option. I agree though that lenses are critical. Its funny with all this hope pinned on foveated rendering as it already seems a shame to use so much GPU to generate pixels outside the tiny sweet spot of most HMDs as they're currently very blurry when you glance across with your eyes.

    I really don't know now whether I can justify a step up from Odyssey to Index. Same pixel count, but RGB stripe v OLED, so 50% more actual pixels but greyer LCD v OLED. The extra FOV would be nice but opinions on that are very mixed. Lenses are better but again that's subjective.

    True - I don't participate in non English discussions. I only get involved if the post sounds interesting or I think I can contribute something and if its not English then I don't take the time to translate the page to see if one of those applies.