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    As we sometimes discuss the setup/cockpit we use when flying AFS2 I hope this question isn't too off-piste for the forum. I'm currently making a home cockpit primarily oriented around the Robin DR400. I have all the dimensions of the dashboard and primary controls, but I have a question that I'm hoping may be answered by someone on the forum who flies a Robin regularly IRL.

    Whereabouts would your knees reach in relation to the flight stick and instrument panel? I'm trying to judge the height/position of things properly.

    Hi Delfin. I'm sure (I hope) you mean well by your messages, but please understand that even though you said "Please IZOJUB (Michael), don't you think of taking this as negative criticism towards you." perhaps only 1 in a 100 people would read your message this way.

    It does come across very negatively and I would venture that it will be poorly received by someone who has spent hundreds of hours making very good free scenery for the community using the best tools that amateurs have available.

    If you don't want him to make any more then I think your message will be effective. If you would like him to make some more, as the rest of us would, then please explore some different ways of packaging your feedback.

    Hi Pascal. We have gliders !

    I have learned that there is an xref glider called glider01 - its not in fscloudport as an option yet, but a quick fix for you would be to decide on one of the aircraft in the picklist as being a glider then after you download the airport, edit the TOC file and replace that aircraft with glider01. e.g.

        <[vector3_float64][position][-3.15148386 52.63171236 0]>

    I will add it to the picklist soon.

    Highlights of Reverb G2

    • Sharper display: Same res but Valve lenses and higher contrast LCD panels
    • Manual IPD adjustment
    • Thinner cable - G1 very bulky
    • 4 cameras for inside out tracking
    • Different head strap
    • Not clear if it is more comfortable if the G1 presses on your nose like it does for me
    • Same FOV - I heard earlier it was higher
    • Those great Valve headphones/speakers - just wish FS2 audio was better to appreciate it

    For a next gen I would have liked higher FOV, so it doesn't seem worth a switch from G1 to G2, but it does make the Reverb a much more compelling proposition. Hopefully it will add some momentum to the Windows Mixed reality platform so they keep improving it.

    don’t hold your breath sorry. We get excited about it now and then but have to resign ourselves to the fact its low priority to ipacs. Search the threads for ‘motion platform’

    looks promising thanks - any chance you could determine the frequency of them sending these? Everyone’s platforms stopped being useful when it dropped from 10+ hz to around 1hz

    Hi, im not sure if this helps but I modified the DLL for my own external cockpit display that sends broadcasts all of the available messages to UDP.

    Peixacu, which messages do you require exactly? If the messages are available I could develop a DLL that broadcasts these over UDP.


    Hi Andy,

    as you’re up to speed on the messages available, are you able to confirm if it is possible to obtain all of the following at a reasonable update frequency. There’s been a fair bit of confusion.




    Rate of pitch

    Rate of roll

    Rate of yaw

    Heave acceleration

    Sway/ lateral acceleration

    it would be great to get my motion platform moving again after a couple of years out of action.


    But isn't this the case with all planes in Aerofly?

    I have my sensitivity settings all set to low and yet they are all very touchy.

    Perhaps the issue lies further within the rudder pedals software? Or we need an even more aggressive sensitivity setting in Aerofly.

    I love the p2008, a very fun aircraft. Thanks again Sylvain!

    i agree, quite a few are but not all. The Turbo Arrow is very twitchy but i think the C172 is ok. When i had a real flying lesson recently i found it so much easier to follow the taxiway line.