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    Sorry mate, too busy on my next project... which i'll be talking about in a few weeks. Besides the gseat is a disappointment at the moment as i did major revisions on it just as Ipacs pulled the acceleration functionality, so its dead. I have DCS but don't fly it- just FS2 for me.

    Ah spit40. Just realised you’re also on xsimulator. I love your G-seat BTW. Can you make me one?

    Nothing in the Cessna with my buttkicker. The sound is subdued compared to other sims. Not sure how it compares with real life.

    IPACS sound is very quiet. This thread just triggered a thought that it would be good to verify that and compare it with games like DCS which seem to have plenty of volume. I'll try this thing tonight if I get a chance.

    What you can do:

    • Edit the volume in main.mcf
    • Also there are windows settings to amplify the output i.e. push it past "10"

    The only problem I see with going stronger is that it may create a lot of excess noise. I use noise canceling headphones, but if I listen I can still hear the transducers. Not sure though, just a thought.

    i'd actually be happy with the rumble levels i get with DCS but fs2 seems to be a fraction the volume output even after tweaking the config.

    No ACC presumably means no acceleration. Simtools have done a new version too. Not everything works though.

    Pitch/roll/yaw : yes

    Heave/sway/surge: no

    Ipacs are sending absolute positional data fast enough for a motion platform, but acceleration data like heave/gforce is basically not provided.

    Same here. I'd love it if PJ would read the airport list from the IPACS directory so it automatically knows about airports in new DLCs. Oh and new planes.

    That's good to know. It means I'm probably right then that I can run the TMC converter on either binary or text versions of TGI / TMA files. I've yet to confirm that.

    Anyone know what sort of parameters this line takes?

    <[quaternion_float64][orientation][1 0 0 0]>

    Just two objects in the animated section - test_obj was stored in the jason folder. I got J&J working first then just swapped jason for the cuboid

    Another update to FSCP this weekend. Water towers. It may not seem much but these are the first non "virtual" objects in FSCP so now we have the technology there will be more objects coming - I have some vehicles and airport objects kindly donated by larrylynx yonks ago that can now go in.

    Many thanks guys

    Success !!

    I now have Jennifer from Monument Valley line dancing with a cuboid. I finally have a foot on the bottom rung of the animation ladder.

    I found that this was a critical addition to my TSC file


    I just saw some related info as I was about to click submit on this:


    I think I'm going mad. I was sure that I recently looked inside a TGI file and was pleased to see it was in non binary text. Looking at the TGI you sent though Kai the TGI is binary and now when I look at all the TGIs I have lying around that I generated they are all binary too?? Yet, I see you have sent me a tgi.txt - is that an exact conversion of a TGI to text?

    Can you shed any light on this? Are there some circumstances when TGIs are generated as text? If not can they be converted to/from text and do you have a tool for that?

    Secondly, looking at the tgi.txt and assuming it does contain everything from the TGI binary, its hard to spot where the animation comes in.

    Thirdly, I converted the TGI and loaded it in by adding this to my TSC and I could see the object but it wasn't moving.




    <[tmvector3d][position][-3.26175928 54.12575112 0]>


    Hi Oai,

    Thanks for the response. I don't actually have 3DS Max however I want to try something. Would it be too much to ask that you make a small cuboid 1 m x 2 m wide and 3 m tall and have it animate 10 m north 20 m west and then on the diagonal back to the origin? If you could export it to a TGI file I would like to see if I can reverse engineer what is going on to see if it is possible to generate animated TGI files directly. If so I could see about making animated traffic in my FS cloud port airports. Huge favour I know! Any possibility?