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    Thanks Ray. Very thorough and great pics – I am sure I tried all those things, but I will test again and also check some other NDB stations. Were you testing in the Florida area?

    Mine didn't change after the update, but I just found that the quality setting via WMR Portal, Settings had reverted to default, so I put it on very high beta. No better !

    Shall we compare eye tests???

    i.e. Let's agree on a common plane and describe what cockpit things we can see without leaning forward with a scoring of, say

    1. Comfortably clear/readable
    2. Fuzzy but readable
    3. Not really readable but I know what it says and it looks like that
    4. Just fuzz

    Of course we'll need to report: Graphics card, FS2 render factor & Steam supersample & WMR Quality setting

    I recently bought the Duchess 76 DLC on steam but I have run into a few issues with the controls. Acceleration during takeoff is sluggish, the parking brakes are wonky, and the amount of back pressure required to get the aircraft off the ground is a touch excessive.This nose-heavy condition happens during climb out and straight and level flight as well, requiring a lot of backwards trim on the elevator to compensate. Is this a bug, or is this merely a peculiarity of this aircraft?

    I get the same things. i’ve crashed into trees on takeoff on occasion with seemingly no climbing power. I get a lot more speed before pulling up now. The brake thing for me is about the toe brakes. However evenly i apply the toe brakes i zig zag around the runway.

    Anybody want to help me identify textures where we can put notes in other aircraft? The difficult thing is how to see what a ttx file looks like, but I've found a solution. Make a dummy alternate paintkit for an aircraft and copy the ttx into it and rename it preview.ttx

    Here attx_2 and attx_3 are dummy paintkits


    preview.ttx is actually another ttx from an aircraft renamed preview.ttx

    so then you see this sort of thing

    Brilliant. As simple as that. I had convinced myself there was a whole layer of complexity I had no knowledge about like bump mapping, specular stuff etc.

    I didn't experience the loss of setting with the July 25 update, but it does look fuzzier. Here' s the config I have now.

    I'm trying to extend the concept I made for the JustFlight clipboard which allows custom notes to be added like this: Editable clipboard For Duchess 76 / Cessna 152

    I thought I'd apply it to the Robin DR400 and scribble some notes in the panel as below, but when I use the content converter on the source bmp I get this. Any ideas?

    Here's the conversion code I managed to get working for the JF clipboard. The only other thing I did to get it to work for the clipboard was to vertically flip the BMP and rotate it 180 degrees, which I've also tried for the DR400, so something else is going on.