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    Something like that is top of my list right now. Since VR creates your whole world, a way is needed to access other resources. Right now i only do short flights and have to memorise VOR frequencies, DME distances, airfield elevations etc. It puts a limit on the complexity of the flight i can do - good memory practice though.

    Agree totally with bnlcoops. Just bought aerofly fs2 after a long association with fsx and p3d. They`re great sims in themselves but this is also very impressive. No fiddling with graphics settings for VR or the Sim. Already my motion platform has a dedicated plugin for Aerofly and buttkickers also working with it. Added to which the Oculus rift vr view is butter smooth in ultra with 1.5 rendering setting. It may be early access but I cant wait for the improvements to come. WOW,

    Which platform do you have? I just ordered a 3DOF from dynkit. And can't wait for it to arrive. I've been practicing Cessna landings with strong crosswind in VR and am craving motion to complete the immersive experience. Do you find your platform works well with FS2?

    Yes i'm using the thrustmaster pedals, with an extra elastic band to try and strengthen the centred position, but really wish i'd paid more for the saitek ones.
    Yes i'm checking the forums every hour re updates - uk scenery please
    And yes i'm also waiting for my Saitek yoke to arrive