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    Trying to follow your info here.. when you say steamvr SS 40% is this the video override page or is this the application slider (which is normally 100% on the app part). The video override checkbox (i think) is normally not checked.

    In my case i have the 1080ti and i'm trying to get all this working correct. Aerofly and xp11.

    Since when has it been bad to overclock your CPU and GPU in FS 2? Why is that the case? And when did it become a good idea to turn down the render factor to 1.5?

    This is new info to me.

    I dont think it was mentioned about the cpu overclock? The news of 1.5 on render factor is new to me, ill try that for sure and check the other things too.

    Jitter sounds like slow loading. Given the fact that you have a state of the art PC, I could only suggest to spend 125 euro's on a 250GB SSD for Aerofly.

    Actually its already on an 850 evo ssd :)

    Here is a more specific example.. take a city say san fran or chicago meigs area.. the 172 aircraft..

    By default opening in either steam mode or oculus mode (i have the rift).. going to this area, doing a hard fast turn.. as you turn the buildings stutter.. however, i realized that ASW was not on.. because the frame rate goes from a solid 90 (more sky) to like 60ish with buildings in view.. if i do the number pad 2 + control to turn on asw then the stuttering goes away..

    however.. same example fast turn, now the buildings sorta blur as you turn.. it could just be that i never noticed this before .. unsure.

    Just revisiting my old thread here.. i had the issue of stuttering/jitters previously.. the old fix was to use an older build of fs2..

    I recently wiped my hdd.. no more access to that exe / build.. so everything is current.. once again i'm experiencing this issue.. same settings as before with the older build where i had perfect success..

    Wondering if anyone else has ran into this

    I'm trying to set the detents for thrust reverser with AF2 with these quandrants.. at least with P3d you can set the detent to toggle thrust reverser and then push it forward to gain engine speed (in reverse), then back down to toggle it off.. I tried setting the detent button as the toggle, but it doesnt seem to work.. sometimes the lever in the sim pulls up other times it stays stuck..

    Has anyone had any success with this?

    Thanks in advance

    Loving the VR with aerofly fs2.. but i noticed that now (maybe not in an older version), it defaults to split screen view when doing VR on the 2D display..

    I'd like to be able to record flights using shadowplay.. so unless there is some other hack to do shadowplay without the split screen, the only way i guess to VR + record as of now would be a way to turn that off?

    Is there a way, just curious..

    Thanks in advance

    I opted to reinstall things on my test drive and I finally got all 92gb installed on my test drive and wow.. what a difference, full ultra with full shadows plus 2.0 for the render scale and boom.. smoothness central at least when launching oculus vr mode..

    the version is showing 2.01 and ea3.66 (i think because i didnt enable betas on this test).. and dated 12/29

    Now i am seeing 45 fps in the split view 2d window (is there a way to make that single view?).. i'm guessing if it says 45 and its split view this is 90 fps.. i see no jitter whatsoever, amazing..
    i'm copying this install to my regular drive and running from it tomorrow to see how it goes..
    The install i had, with betas was ea3.68 but dated earlier, 12/27

    update: i decided to let it update to ea3.68 like on my other hard drive.. jumped in, i'm seeing the jitters a bit.. i wonder if its related to the later build.. ill be trying the other harddrive with ea3.66 to confirm.

    Thanks on the 3 screen notes.. that will be useful.

    Here are some more specific test scenarios:

    My ram is set to 3200 mhz now (i had it up much higher before but backed it down to do some tests recently), set to stock, i think cas 15... cpu still 4.7
    Video card the 1080 ftw hybrid with evga precision ocx running (stock speeds).

    In all situations, i left clouds at what the sim had as default.. basically scattered fair weather clouds..

    Cessna in the cockpit with fraps as indicator..
    Location: 73.99, 40.74 at 779.30 feet aiming towards statue of liberty direction (i should check the heading). (edit: 252 is the heading)
    Graphic settings all on ultra except shadows Low and screen resolution at 1920x1080
    Fraps rate: 266 (it is anywhere from 200-270 amazingly).
    Had to turn off vsync otherwise it was 60

    Cessna in the cockpit with fraps as indicator..
    Location: 73.99, 40.74 at 779.30 feet aiming towards statue of liberty direction (i should check the heading). (edit: 252 is the heading)
    Graphic settings all on ultra except shadows Low
    Fraps rate: 27-30
    **i have the scale at 0.40 and render factor at the 2.0
    ***i see jitters when turning the head, pretty good shimmering too.

    Other notes:

    SteamVR beta software settings:

    I'm not sure if all default or not..

    Under performance top 3 are checked.. and rest are unchecked except "allow asynchronous reprojection" is checked
    Under developer.. enable always on reprojection is unchecked

    Not sure why i see about 1/3 the frame rate with the rift compared to your situation.

    I may reboot to my test partition and reinstall and see what happens.. i'm thinking it may be a VR setting conflict outside of the Sim..

    ***for 2D triple screen testing.. short of enabling surround mode, i'm not sure how to stretch the view across all 3 to generate 5760x1080 resolution.. this can be set on the 3 monitor choices in xplane or stretched in p3d..

    I already posted some of this over in the avsim forum, but figured this info could be useful here as well..

    As i dive deeper into the world of VR, i figured i'd post some results as I move along.

    I've done the same thing for X-Plane 11 in this thread and also for P3D in this thread..

    So far the VR experience is best in Aerofly FS2.. Xplane, i cant get the full 3840 res to work without choking the system, so there i run at 2880 and 4x AA, still not bad but not great, while P3D was the sharpest with least shimmering (at the full 3840 res), at least second to Aerofly FS2. But out of the box no tweaking Aerofly FS2 was the best VR experience in town, though at this state not the most complete sim around, but give it time..

    First up was actually the newest test I did, i installed the new NYC addon area (to compare with XP11 and P3D's DD NYCX)..
    Running Aerofly Fs2 with the rift and now NYC and it is pretty great.. some shimmering but no where near the level of P3D or Xplane 11 so far.

    I had to tone down the settings though, even for my system(see sig) and 1080 card, otherwise i was getting jitter, now its smooth, the 2d screen shows 27-45 fps as i fly near the city in the default cessna.

    I had to lower the VR scale to 1.50 instead of 1.8 or so.. i lowered the visual settings too..

    Texture = high
    Terrain = high
    Shadow = medium
    Buildings = high
    Trees = high

    Pretty sure, anything higher, especially ultra yielded the jitters..

    apparently these results arent typical with my setup, which is the 1080 ftw hybrid + 4.7ghz 6700 + 3200mhz ddr4 cas15 ram.. should be more like 90 i think when read from the 2d display