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    Forgive me for waking up an old thread, but I have the same problem as the OP, and I can't seem to do anything to mitigate it.

    I have Saitek combat rudder pedals, the problem is with the toe brakes. If I calibrate them in Windows everything looks fine. If I calibrate them in AFS2, it looks a little weird. With no brake demand, the slider display seems to be full negative, but as soon as I touch the toe brake it jumps up to zero. In game, this has the effect of applying 50% brake even when you make the lightest possible touch of the toe pedal.

    I tried moving them to 50% when the AFS2 calibration dialog asked me to center, but that did not have a beneficial effect.

    I have WIndows 8.1 on a i7-4820 @ 3.7GHz with 64GB RAM, and an early GTX1080. I last updated my graphics drivers about 1 month ago. I set render scale factor to 1.0 and scale factor to 0.0 (the defaults, I think).

    In steam VR, application resolution is on manual override but set at 100% (the Steam app recommends 184%, but that kills DCS). Reprojection is ON, motion smoothing is OFF (unavailable on Windows 8.1).

    I am blessed (?) with a quick eye, so I am sensitive to the very slightest jerk. The effect is most pronounced when looking out over the wing and performing a fast roll. As well as jerking, the mountains in the distance become ghosted, with two copies of the horizon separated by a small distance.

    I'm using HTC Vive, so I can't zoom. The pips only appear if I bend down and stick my face in the instrument panel.

    I found that the graphics quality was set to medium. The pips reappear if I set it to ultra, but that makes the view very jerky if I perform a fast aileron roll over complex terrain.

    Is there a custom setting I can use to show the pips in cockpit but have less detail outside?

    It was some time before I was able to test this - apologies.

    I deleted the gc-map.mcf file, and confirmed that all my settings had been deleted. I remade the settings, and observe the following:

    1. it is still not possible to deploy full flaps in the F-18

    2. with air brake mapped to a slider axis, that axis still also causes the throttle to advance

    The slight difference with #2 is that I can at least reduce throttle after I have deployed the airbrakes, by blipping the "real" throttle axis up and down.


    After an update, I notice that the airbrake in the F-18, which I have mapped on a slider, also causes the throttle to move. So at max airbrake I am now also at max throttle. I have looked over the controls in "settings" and the two controls are definitely mapped to separate axes. The joystick is a MS Sidewinder.

    Secondly, I notice that it is not possible to deploy full flaps any more. The button I have assigned to flaps now just toggles between half flaps and none.

    When I flew in an Extra 300 IRL, it was so sensitive that in straight and level flight with my fingers lightly resting on the stick I could not feel the pilot's stick movements. When I was controlling, I kept my hand absolutely still and just used my fingertips to move the stick.

    The current Extra 300 in AF2 reminds me very much of that experience.

    don't hate me for this, but i feel they did an excellent job.
    I have been flying 3 of their featured aircraft in real life and their gage tops reflect as much as they do in the sim.
    If this feature touches personal preferences, why not make it a setting option?

    Ah, I only meant the reflections of the instruments in the canopy itself.

    I _really_ like the reflections of the sky in the glass of the dials. Regardless of how physically real it might be, it gives a tremendous feeling of reality in VR. In fact it's the main reason I don't fly DCS or FSX/Flyinside any more.

    Very interesting to see all this technical discussion. Clearly lots of potential to tweak the sim, which to me says there is a very clear and well defined data model.

    Just one thing I want to respond to:

    If you want a 'locked' nosewheel simply don't touch the rudder.

    This doesn't work for me. If I turn 90 degrees onto the runway then brake to a standstill, the current F-18 continues to oscillate about its yaw axis for several seconds, even though it's not rolling. So even if I'm lined up dead straight, the nosewheel will end up with a small random offset, with the result that my takeoff run will begin to veer off. Often the offset is so small that I'm going quite fast before I realise I have to correct.

    I've gotten quite good at keeping it straight, but really I'd like to demo this to friends and let them experience the afterburner takeoff and climb out. I can't really do that ATM because lacking familiarity they will likely veer off the runway and/or crash.

    Thanks jetpack - most eagerly awaited, I would love to show off the F-18 to other people and let them fly it in the Vive. There's nothing quite like an afterburner takeoff in AF2 (as long as you keep it straight on the runway).

    From the other responses above I'm guessing that turning off the steering will not completely lock the nose wheel (i.e. it will still castor because of the way it's mounted) but the magnitude of the response be lowered somewhat.


    I'm getting some weaving on takeoff that's difficult to cancel out with my rudder pedals. Most noticeable in the F-18, it starts to deviate from a straight line, then whatever I do with the rudder pedals tends to overcorrect it, leading to an oscillation. Often results in a crash.

    I probably need to change some settings (would appreciate a tip :) but I also wonder if this is correct physical behaviour. During the takeoff roll I should expect the a/c yaw stability to improve as the speed increased?

    Also, I think I ought to be able to lock the nosewheel, but there isn't a command for that yet AFAIK. Is that a thing that could be modded?

    I am completely hooked on this sim! The results you have achieved are amazing, and it's still only early access.

    Please would you consider making the pilot's head move in VR? The reason is, when I look round I can see the shadow of my head on the canopy, wings, ground etc. It would be totally immersive if the head shadow were to follow my movement. Spooky immersive! Please give it a thought for the next release.