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    Can you please tell us exact steps on how to reproduce the issue mentioned here. What do you exactly mean by 'shimmering'?

    Please tell us detailed steps, so we can check it on our side!

    Once we now what you are talking about we can try to improve it.

    Try a VR headset and it`s very obvious! Shadows appear in the distance to bounce off and create some strange stereoscopic effect!

    Shimmer is present on objects, airport markings and distant mountains views. Tried various settings of antialiasing and anisotropic filtering in Nvidia control panel and NV inspector with no effect or betterment what so ever. I am on a 1080 GTX, I7 3930 and Win10. Otherwise latest Nvidia 375.63 driver seems to improve frames! ...perhaps in the next update we can have more detailed and advanced graphic tweaking options available for advanced users to experiment with! :D

    I also noticed it. You have to look at the very distant mountains and move your head. I mean, this is only noticeable in VR. It looks like there is a different rendering in each eye. Maybe this is a similar thing like the tent with different colors, like I reported?

    i5 4670k@4,4GHz
    16GB RAM
    Win 10 64 Bit

    ...perfect description! hope dev team can look into this!...but the issue is present in normal monitor use as well. Very off putting!!

    Can you please describe in more detail what you mean by 'shimmering'? Can you show us screenshots and give us more details regarding your system?

    When panning and looking up towards top of mountains in the distance I see kind of darker shadows flicker. Will post a video if I can upload somewhere. I have an I7 3930@4.7Ghz, Nvidia 1080 (latest driver 373.06 but tried other older drivers with no betterment) and Oculus CV1 on Windows10.