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    Do lower settings have an effect on tearing...?

    No, only if your GPU can't handle it. If you already have over 100FPS then performance wise you are good. Aerofly is built with performance in mind so you can crank up the graphics without much impact.

    Can you please define 'tearing' that you are seeing? I'm not seeing tearing at all on any of my testing PC's under any settring.

    May be but than I have tearing ALL the time...

    Make sure that you don't have VSync turned on in your video card's control panel. The best thing to do here is to set VSync to 120 in Aerofly if running standard 2D mode or turn off VSync completely if in VR mode.

    Also, what FPS are you seeing? Depending on your PC's performance you may need to scale down some graphics settings.

    On behalf of myself and the rest of the IPACS team we would like to wish you all a joyous Easter.

    It's been a real pleasure getting to know our community. You have been really helpful and loyal to us and it's more appreciated than you can imagine. Even the negative has made us stronger. So please remain loyal and we pledge to continue improving upon Aerofly.

    Happy Easter everyone!

    The March 2019 submission contest is now over. Congratulations to ydelta for winning the March 2019 screenshot contest. Be sure to check out this winning screenshot highlighted on our official Facebook page and WIKI.

    This month's screenshot shows that simple is sometimes grand.

    Be sure to keep posting your screenshots in our screenshot thread for a chance to win and have YOUR screenshot highlighted on our headers!

    Greetings Fellow Flight Simmers!

    It's time once again to vote for your favorite Aerofly FS 2 screenshot posted in March 2019. Please cast your vote by replying to this thread! The lucky winner will have their photo posted on all of our headers. Good luck to the candidates.

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    Demanding sims, typically IL2, and I guess AFS2 is similar, are generally CPU bounded. Which means that all things being equal, increasing the resolution, which exclusively relies on the GPU, will not significantly decrease the frame rate. What does decrease the frame rate is amount of details, terrain resolution (3d resolution) or viewing distance.

    So better VR resolution is more than welcome.

    The only thing I wonder is should I spend my money updating my CPU to improve my framerate or updating my headset to improve the resolution. Both would be perfect...

    Aerofly is more GPU dependent than CPU so you won't get too much gain by upgrading your CPU.

    Also love the big gunship boat, the one by the cruise liners in key west. Although not landable, still a lot of fun hovering and keeping position over the stern.

    That is a local Coast Guard ship. They are actually stationed there and the path that it's on is one of the exact paths they take from port to port. There is also a little commuter boat that goes back and forth from Sunset Key (that small island out in the water) to Sunset Pier, that too is a real-life path

    Hi everyone, thank you for the motivation to continue with this feature :)

    As of now here's where i'm at; I plan on improving the bridge area near the Tavernaero airfield so that the vehicles move over it better and not go into the ground at each end. After this I plan on completing the remaining airports; Homestead ARB and the remaining 3 Miami area airports.

    I may add a couple more 'goodies' along the way which I will release as updates throughout. As for the lighted head/tail lights, I do have a working model of this and once I work in a plan to update all of the vehicles without having to do all of them over again, once I do you will have an update with this working as well.

    I also plan on releasing a basic tutorial on how to do this, unfortunately animating anything in Aerofly can ONLY be done by using 3DS Max at this time. Please give me some time on getting this out to everyone as there are some limitations currently that can cause problems in high altitude or 'hilly' locations. This will all be worked out in time.

    As for providing the community with the models that I used, unfortunately I can not provide these models as they are purchased commercial models in which only I own. They are all royalty free but I am the only owner that's allowed to distribute them in a project. You can however purchase them yourselves to use them for your own projects or shared projects. If anyone wants links to them just let me know and i'll be happy to provide them to you (none of them were over $20 each)

    I am continuing work on this project but please keep in mind that not only do I work full time still as a CIO but also work full time for IPACS so my time is very limited. I do plan on progressing this exciting project and hopefully in time we will have a way to mass produce this feature internally so that it will be everywhere.

    PS; I will add/convert some animated sailboats with their sails up :)