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    Here is a simple guide, just take a look at the ORBX Netherlands or our South Florida DLC. They both have a ton of cultivation, custom buildings, lights etc. All of these objects and models are of low poly but the sheer amount of them and the way that we handle optimization, especially with the latest vulkan synchronous graphics loading functionality gives you a good perspective since with a decent PC can still provide you with framerates well above 100 and sometimes over 200. During my testing phases I use 4 different computers configures with different CPU's, GPU's and also with 2D and VR respectively. I have record of FPS, graphics load, and other items set in different configurations.

    I can tell you with certainly that if you have a good PC you shouldn't have too many problems but with that said the individuals developing these add-ons should still optimize their projects as much as possible. For this particular power line add-on the models used should have lower polys than what is there currently. If this is optimized it should handle just like any other cultivation.

    Keep in mind though that there are many different PC configurations out there so what is good on a 1080ti i7 system will not yield the same effect on a 970 i5 system.

    Have you tried to recenter the pivot point of the model?

    Try this, in your 3d modeling application adjust pivot point/recenter pivot point to confirm it's in the center then move the pivot point down the ship towards the bottom or the hull more. Export it again and check in Aerofly. Make smaller adjustments to get it exactly where you want it after that as it should be a quick and easy process.

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    There is a slider to adjust the amount of haze you want. condition/clouds/visibility

    And yes, there was an old bug in the visibility setting for quite some time which has been fixed a few updates ago.

    I'm looking into this and will discuss this internally.

    The font was changed so that it looks better on mobile and it was adopted to all platforms following our strategy to keep all coding uniform amongst platforms in effort to speed up the programming process, but I have to also agree here that it just doesn't look correct.

    I've tried the S211 on Jetpacks site and it works ok. The problem seems to be there are a number of versions available and not all work with current Beta... not your problem but I appreciate Jans help in working that out.


    Of course, and Jan i'm sure will see this through. The developer of this aircraft just needs to clean up his other versions and have only one that he tested and confirmed that its working with the current Aerofly build. We should be assisting the developer here not the users that it doesn't work for if that makes sense


    we here at IPACS will always try to assist users with pretty much anything but this is not a core issue with Aerofly but rather an issue with a user made aircraft. Any direct support for this should come directly from the aircraft developer. It's taking up a lot of resources on our end to try to help here.

    I need for you to check a few things here and to try a test for us.


    make sure that you have the latest video card drivers downloaded DIRECTLY from the NVidia site. I need you to delete your main.mcf file located in your documents\Aerofly FS 2 root folder, this will reset your graphics settings.

    On your 960 GPU you may need to reduce graphics settings a bit but for this test please set the graphics to ULTRA.

    Remove all user-created sceneries from your documents folder and set the graphics renderer to vulkan. Choose a default location in the Ca scenery and choose the Cessna. Start and report your results.

    They are only small updates under the hood. The most recent updates were to improve vulkan support and also enable synchronous texture loading.

    They are nothing substantial enough to post change log entries.

    I have posted an update on the forum the other day about this.

    First make sure that you have a compatible device. If you have a compatible device make sure that it's fully updated and that you don;lt have too many apps running in the background.

    Why not just use a helipad easily placed in your TSC?

    Just use this code under 'helipads'

    1. <[tmsimulator_helipad][element][0]
    2. <[string8][name][H1]>
    3. <[string8][type_name][building]>
    4. <[vector2_float64][position][-81.7599657782887 24.5549091932849]>
    5. <[float64][radius][8]>
    6. <[float64][heading][89.13]>
    7. <[float64][height][0]>
    8. >