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    I'm sure that you will like this. We are still working hard on new features but to get to those new features we have to rebuild the Aerofly infrastructure a bit. This is taking us some time.


    A simple solution: copy all the files concerning this scenery that aerosoft by default places in the C:\My documents\...' to your folder(s) of the steam-install where AFS2 is placed under 'steam\common\...'. I did it and it works fine.

    It is not recommended by us to place anything into the Aerofly folders within the Steam directory as this can cause you problems when we update Aerofly.

    The April/May 2019 submission contest is now over. Congratulations to TomSimMuc for winning the April/May 2019 screenshot contest. Be sure to check out this winning screenshot highlighted on our official Facebook page and WIKI.

    This month's screenshot shows what can be done with our SDK tools and a little bit of love.

    Be sure to keep posting your screenshots in our screenshot thread for a chance to win and have YOUR screenshot highlighted on our headers!

    Jet-Pack   drhotwing1 : perhaps it will be necessary to create - early or late - some foreign language forum. I'm avalaible if one day you need a french speaking moderator.

    Friendly, Herve

    Eh, this has been responded to a few times already in different threads. Sorry but we aren't doing that at this time. Thank you for the offer though.

    Greetings Fellow Flight Simmers!

    It's time once again to vote for your favorite Aerofly FS 2 screenshot posted in April and May 2019. Please cast your vote by replying to this thread! The lucky winner will have their photo posted on all of our headers. Good luck to the candidates.

    Submitted by TomSimMuc - Photo 1

    Submitted by ydelta - Photo 2

    Submitted by ikbenik - Photo 3

    Submitted by kimbo23 - Photo 4

    Submitted by Jet-Pack - Photo 5

    Submitted by MDIvey - Photo 6

    1) This can not be done at this time

    2) We will continue to update aircraft functionality and add features like pushback but it's going to take some time to add.

    Thank you for your interest in the South Florida DLC but that scenery is an 'advanced' scenery and may be a bit difficult porting it over to mobile due to the size and extensive quality. We will take a look though.

    This is not a problem as the files are converted to .ttc for copyright security. You can't read .ttc files once they are converted by using our SDK tools.

    .ttc are our compressed textures for terrain color , it just happens to have the same file extension as the true type collection font files.

    Try to delete the main.mcf file located in your documents\Aerofly root folder, see if that resolves your issue.

    I haven’t tried the advanced camera control yet. This is just for making small adjustments when I’m in the pilot seat to make it dead centre and at the right height

    Have you tried to turn off the advanced camera control as I believe it is ON by default.