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    Just hold off for now until we look into the problem. But naturally the better the GPU the better the experience. We are much more GPU bound than CPU and currently the best you can get is the 2080Ti. But please remember that we built the graphics engine so that even slower GPU's have good performance.

    We have stated a response to this many times before. It's not that we don't want to brag about what we are working on, the fact is that we change our plans a lot internally if we research and test a feature and it fails or doesn't work out how we would like it to. It would be unprofessional of us to publish a roadmap of features that everyone wants then later tell you that we had to change plans.

    As you all know because we also state this a lot, we are a very small team so it places a lot of pressure on us to stick to a roadmap that may not work out in the end.

    I can however promise you this, we have plans to release some very nice (and needed) features down the road a bit, and we will absolutely provide you with updates on progress once we are far enough in development to show you. We really want to show you what we are working on, just have some trust in us.

    donka and Ronanc

    It appears that both of you are experiencing crashes with AMD GPU's but at different times.

    Please do this for us;

    1. change to Vulkan rendering and run Aerofly

    2. select a flight ONLY with default scenery and aircraft (Cessna and San Francisco)

    3. Let me know if you still crash

    4. Now set up a flight however you see the crash, then immediately after the crash attach the TM log.

    Our Vulkan engine is still being developed and optimized, however along with that there are some known issues with some AMD GPU's. We will look into this but it's the same issue with AMD that we have had for a while now that we haven't worked out just yet.

    Hi and welcome,

    How about trying this first;

    1. update to the latest Radeon drivers

    2. Try using only OGL renderer (not Vulkan)

    3. Delete the 'main.mcf' file located in your documents\Aerofly FS 2 root folder

    4. Test ONLY using a default aircraft (Cessna) and in San Francisco

    Try this and let me know if your crashing stops.

    Request received. Let us take a look at this entire situation and we will provide an educated response as soon as we have one

    Have a look at MSI gaming laptops, they now have RTX2080 GPU's and use i9 CPU's. The GT Titan or Stealth series are your best but if you go with Stealth make sure you don't get the low power 2080m GPU by accident. It's much slower.

    With a RTX2080, even in a laptop, you can run Aerofly with max graphics settings, and even 'Insane' shadows with FPS still in the 150 range.


    Glad you got it working... very cool.

    After you have a good feel for how FS 2 looks in VR, please share your thoughts. I have the Rift and am debating whether or not to get the S or the Valve Index. Thanks. Have fun!

    I have tested both CV1 and Rift S Extensively and I can state these facts for you;

    * God rays are virtually gone on Rift S

    * The SDE when flying at night is gone on Rift S

    * The resolution is sharper so gauges look much clearer on Rift S

    * You can't tell the difference in refresh rate between the both

    * No more worrying about external sensors

    * No performance hit at all on the Rift S

    * Sound is one of the only shortcomings on Rift S but with the latest firmware it's better

    Bottom line, it's ultimately your choice but I don't think you will be sorry with upgrading to the Rift S

    I see that you resolved the issue yourself before I could respond. I will be uploading a new version with this issue fixed as well as some more additions to the ongoing project soon.

    Miami_traffic was just an internal test that I forgot to take out of the build :)

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