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    I've got the same problem. Textures are corrupted or something. I've been trying twice to convert.

    I'm Running Win 7 64 bit Pro, i7 2700K, GTX 970. All drivers, bios etc. are up to date... No problems with any other software. I'm running a 100% stable rig with no errors in any software of any kind until this.

    Just did a flight in Northern California and took note of a few issues:

    1) When more than two buttons/controllers are assigned to one command you can't see it in the controller setup menu. Only when you delete one of the assigned buttons the other assigned button shows.

    2) There is no warning if you assign a controller button or keyboard command that is already in use.

    I found out about the above issues when I had assigned two joystick buttons for elevator trim. To my surprise the flaps would go up and down each time I tried to trim the elevators. It was almost impossible to find out what cause it...

    3) Elevator trim moves too much for each keyboard/joystick press. It needs to move less for each button press to be precise.

    4) Lots of autogen trees in fields and towns in Sacramento Valley (Observed doing a flight to Yuba City).

    As you can see I can only reach eight devices. My setup might not be average in terms of numbers, but I have the following:
    TrackIR, Saitek Yoke, 2 x Saitek Throttle Quadrants, Saitek TPM, Saitek Switch Panel, Saitek Multi Panel, 2 x Saitek Radio Panels, CH Pedals, Thrustmaster Joystick, Microsoft X-Box Gamepad. I have more stuff, but that is used at the "pro" simulator setup (Virtual-Fly gear).

    As you can see, on a HD monitor with 1920x1080 resolution you can only reach eight devices. Either one need a scroll bar, a drag selection option (just like the way you select aircraft form the aircraft menu), or the devices could be listed as a category in the menu system on the left side of the screen.


    I really love how all my Thrustmaster and Saitek devices work in AFS2 without any need for drivers and other external software.

    A) However, I can't access all of them in the controller setup menu. Only eight devices are showing, and there is no scroll bar to reach controller #9 ->.

    B) When exiting AFS2 my Saitek Multi Panel (Autopilot) goes into a locked state and the LED display stays lit.

    Thanks for all the nice work. Keep it up!