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    Although still a beginner, I am playing and loving this PC game (Steam) since 2017 and have a lot of scenaries in my library.

    I have just seen in YouTube there is a new PC 2020 version of basic initial package, including some additional gadgets.

    Somebody can advise how can I download this new 2020 package as a substitution to the initial one? Thanks

    I understand a bit of German language (but not enough, sorry!) and think what you are explaining appears to be quite useful for us who experience many problems with the Autopilot, it would be great if you make a translation to English language?. The only one Aerofly FS2 Manual available is very poor regarding Autopilot. At least an additional Section showing the operation of all switches and knobs in the A320 Autopilot Panel will be welcomed!

    I have a Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X Joystick working fine in FSX, and now, in Aeroflight FS2, mainly in small airplanes (Cessna, Baron, King Air, LearJet) there is a heavy skidding to the left side of runway, mostly at takeoff, even also when landing, most often impossible to control. How can we correct this problem????

    Hi Antoine,
    I am almost new with Aerofly FS2 Steam edition. I saw the NY City video but are unable to find this update in the Position Map. I thought all updates were supposed to load automatically on the game. Can you help me to have this update? Seems that NY City is a part of a new scenery including Northeast USA. Thanks & regards.