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    Call me ignorant but I cannot see a link that will get me to files relating to the Missouri placed at Ford Island. I fired up my FSXSE to check it out in the Megascenery Hawaii and found this which is quite bizarre! I am thinking a missing ship in AFS2 is better than this result!!

    Hi All,

    I was just wondering if there is a scenery object for this ship? I could not see it when using the Oahu scenery and cultivation.

    I installed the 10m mesh first and found that I had graphic errors with towers appearing alongside the runway etc. Removed them and installed Taburet 19m Scandi-2 and it works perfectly and that scenery is beautiful thanks guys for all your work. :-0

    Well I use Opera and as far as I can see I must cut and paste any foreign language into a translation program on a separate tab to the one the forum thread is on. That is because there is no add on in Opera that automatically translates anything and the CTRL ALT P solution someone posted does not work. Now, I am thinking that we either have to put up with this awkward situation or shift over (or return to) to Chrome whether we like it or not.

    Thank you for your detailed answer to my uneducated statement about Megascenery Ken. much appreciated. I was thinking that as their scenery was so close to Ortho it would have been easy to port over but I am not technically minded so probably I am wrong on that point as well. I got frustrated with Orbx and the now defunct Flight Sim World as well. Orbx products were soooo close to working in FSW, the walls of buildings did not show up and couple of other minor glitches but the scenery loaded okay. It always seemed to me that just a little bit of effort and the whole Orbx world might have been available to that sim.

    Hmmm ...... Having bought Orbx Australia Red, Green, Blue and Gold and the update to Australia V1.0 and lately the updated Australia V2.0 for FSX I can tell you that a "professional" product is not always worth the money either! The latest offering seems to focus on mining operations in the more inaccessible areas of the continent and has one yes that is one decently modeled city. That is Melbourne and undoubtedly the home town of the author. When I queried where is Adelaide Oval (almost a religious shrine for cricket fans) and my city, I got told "what do you expect for the price!". After having bought that and all the aforementioned earlier versions I was not real pleased with him or Orbx.

    The company that should have come on board our sim is Megascenery Earth not Orbx in my opinion.

    I read in another forum where someone was using Megascenery in FSX/P3D that the exact placement of airports within those sims was incorrect in some cases. That led to visible errors where the photo scenery did not match the locations within the sim. I was wondering if our AFS2 was more accurate in this respect?

    Great scenery thank you. Around the area of Neon Karlovasion though I can see a number of buildings in the sea. Is that my unique problem or is the scenery unfinished there?

    Definitively itching for some new payware quality scenery myself.

    Well I do not know about new but there is some scenery for sale over at that you might not have seen. I am downloading lubbock texas from there as I type this.