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    Update .... after nearly two hours the download has actually started and I can see it is at 2%. As it is the weekend here (GMT +8.5 hours), I am thinking it will take may 15 - 17 hours to download fully. Sooo looking forward to checking it out.

    After reading IPACS blog this morning I got really excited. I offloaded sundry things on my hard drive, enabled the AFS4 beta and started the 217GB download. Or so I thought. After an hour it still says downloading 0% on the main screen and if I click on the downloading text screen it says there are no downloads in the queue. :huh:

    Is there a trick to actually get this download started or be able to see at least that something is happening :?:

    You should try using an online combat flight simulator and see your bullets going where your enemy used to be. :)

    Happened to me for a while till I bought a better machine.

    I think the scenery folk use Google or Bing maps and any object in those pictures will be in the sim including overheads of incoming or parked aircraft. A similar thing in MSFS where if you go to Paine Field where they make Boeings you will see a flat image of a plane or two.

    I was scratching my head trying to work out why this did not seem to be working and then it hit me. 8|

    Low powered plane (PA-38) at KRNO (4410 feet) was always going to struggle so relocated to San Diego and all works perfectly. Another very accurate representation of altitude and engine power, thanks IPACS. :thumbup:

    I have forgotten how to reverse the throttle axis on my TCA Airbus stick. When I move the slider up it just decreases speed rather than increases it. Could someone please help me with this thanks. ?(

    I flew over a UFO wreck there yesterday and I did not see any aliens. I feel cheated!! Maybe they are the same color as the landscape and have natural camouflage.

    I am with the OP all the way with this one. I do not care if the airplane model has more fidelity or pushes back and the toilet door opens etc. I just want to see more scenery and when entire continents do not have anything (especially my own) then there is no reason for me to use FS2024.

    I agree with Michael (IZOJUB). AFS4 for me was a retrograde step. Still absolutely no official content for my continent (Australia) and my purchased add-ons do not work with it. More of a scam than a new simulator in my opinion. My advice is do not waste your money on it. If you want more than AFS2 then buy MSFS 2020. With MSFS 2024 coming out shortly it should be available at a discount soon and it covers the entire world.

    Hi All, I have reloaded AFS2 on my PC and need to get my Thrustmaster controls set up as it does not seem to be w orking. How do I change or delete all key and button assignments in the game and will having the steam version complicate the process? :)

    I have downloaded some of Michael's scenery and noticed the line "Best used in FS 4 with the European default scenery folder eu disabled" in the description. I have forgotten how to do that. Any pointers please?

    Hi All,

    I was wondering where I can download this from please? There are 203 Australian airports available for FS2 but none that I can see for FS4 so I was hoping to do some magic with the tool to get some on the map.