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    Hmmm just thinking ..... Is the only Florida package on your machine? I think that Izojub has quite a few Florida sceneries and put them over on and if you have loaded some of those on your machine you might have a scenery conflict.

    Krzysztof has been busy updating his plane models over on the website. I believe the latest changes by this talented benefactor has been to reflections. Go grab them, they are free. :)

    I was flying around Long beach this morning in Krzysztof's new Flaris plane and realized that the Queen Mary and the Spruce building are 2D. The nearby USS Iowa is in 3D so I was wondering if anyone had modeled these iconic tourist places in 3D?

    The Queen Mary in particular is pretty famous having "starred" in many movies and TV series. The latest being the Spanish High Seas series.

    Please excuse my lousy screenshots.

    I have one of those HP Pavilion Gaming Laptops. It was pretty cheap compared to other gaming rigs and it has two graphics cards. I have set 120 FPS in AFS2 and get pretty close to that in most scenery. Pretty pleased with it.

    There were no printed instructions, and it took me a while to work out that I had to go into the NVIDIA settings and select the better card and associate Steam with it to get full benefits from the cards. The only other downside I think is the 512 GB hard disk. If I had buckets of money I would really like to get a machine with a 2TB SSD primary drive. That way I could get more scenery.

    I run my game on a laptop these days, but having checked out a few of the monitors in a nearby electrical appliance store for my wife I did love the curved screens. I would definitely buy one of those if I was in the market for a new screen. :-)

    That is great news. I love his planes. Doubly great news seeing as ORBX seems to have thrown itself behind the new MSFS within a day of its release! I do wish they had finished their PNW for our sim first. Profit rules in their case.

    Thanks for the quick replies. I'm a pilot with a glider rating, not a gamer. Aerofly is the best sailplane fs I've seen.

    Hi, do you mean that there are thermals in the game that make flying a glider a realistic experience or are you talking about the visuals and controls on the model?

    Thanks for the offer but if your music is after 1972 I probably would not like it. ☺

    I am not talking about embedded music but the ability to load in your own choices and with an on or off switch like in Vehicle Simulator.