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    Well I guess we all have a limit and it sounds like you reached yours. I think most of us have been overwhelmed with technical troubles in the past. Hope you fix yours soon.

    I have it on order now.

    You guys have been most excellent in helping me with this after my MSFS 2020 fiasco. What a disaster that was. I had the standard version. I have the Xbox Version too on CD (or is it blue ray...?), just waiting for an Xbox X console through my friend who works at Microsoft Canada 🇨🇦 in Vancouver. I shouldn’t have any issues running that on an Xbox console. Apparently from what I’ve read the Xbox version of MSFS is better than the PC version. We’ll see......

    Interesting. I have MSFS20 on my laptop now and I am having very few problems with it. I was getting CTD's when switching from airport to airport but that seems to be a bit more stable now. I went for the bog standard version too but spent a bit in the Orbx store as well. The frame rates are low to mid 20's on my rig at medium and that is not too bad in my opinion. I think the Aerofly scenery is a bit sharper though. I am looking forward to seeing how FS4 stacks up against it.

    I don't know really. My plan was/is to learn MSFS20 whilst waiting for the blow them all away AFS4 but the more I play with MSFS20 the more I am thinking well AFS4 will have to be pretty special to unseat MSFS20. I mean 37,000 airports and local Australian scenery right out of the box! I am also playing with AFS2022 on my tablet and that will not come off any time soon depending on what AFS2023 brings us of course.

    I am a bit of a techno dinosaur so please forgive this question but my new Android Lenovo Tablet that I have loaded AFS2022 on only has a USB C port. I am thinking it would be nice to fly in the evening but do not wish to disturb the missus with the engine noises so .... can I use either wireless earbuds or maybe a USB C headphone set with AFS2022? I was thinking maybe enabling tham as a blue tooth device or something similar might do the trick. I have not bought anything yet as I was just wondering what your thoughts might be first.

    I have been doing some overdue cleaning up of my scenery files which were located on my internal and external hard disks. Over 110 gb of scenery files, and that does not include any Orbx ones! No wonder this sim takes so long to load really. =O

    When AFS4 finally hits us I might have to be more selective as to what I load so I was wondering about maybe a scenery manager where you can load or offload scenery. Be nice if there was one for our sim.

    I bought a new tablet this afternoon. It is a Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 with 8 gb of Ram and 256 gb of storage. First thing I did was go to the Google Play Store and buy FS 2022 which was not compatible with my old tablet. I have installed all 8 regional files and noted that the USA is not there but is all scenery photoreal 2d or are there 3d buildings in certain cities. :?:

    Hi, yes AFS2 runs well on lower end laptops. i loved playing it on mine. The only problem is of course storage! My commandeered PC has a couple of TB of space in the hard drive but my laptop was getting very sluggish loading FS2. I did install most sceneries on an external drive but it is not the same. I am playing with MSFS 20 at the moment whilst awaiting the release of AFS4 and surprisingly that runs well on my laptop too! Not at 120 fps though, just around the mid 20's but certainly fast enough to get to learn the new program. I like laptops but you really cannot beat a nice fast PC with a BIG screen. :)

    I have been having loading time issues lately with too many scenery files on my Laptop Hard Disk. With the imminent release of AFS4 (and my improved access to my gaming computer when my wife returns to work in the city rather than working from home) I have offloaded AFS2 and all sceneries entirely. For the next month or so I am fiddling with and learning MSFS2020 which is a very different beast, and playing AFS2 on my mobile. Maybe that is what most of us should do rather than get too excited about the upcoming release and whether or not it is going to have our much desired features. Take a step back, optimise our machines, breathe easy and relax. I am sure AFS4 will be well worth the wait.

    Not very tech savvy so I was wondering if we could have a sticky about what system requirements are needed for the latest versions of AFS mobile? I am thinking of getting a new phone, one of the Google Pixel 6 pro ones but do not know if that would run the new AFS upcoming release. Similarly, I was also thinking of getting an Apple IPad 10.2-inch Wi-Fi 64GB tablet Would that run the latest IOS AFS version?

    Thanks to the devs for providing such a great sim and thanks also to Izojub and the many others who have made our virtual world come alive by their efforts. Merry Christmas to everyone. <3

    Kingsford Smith in Sydney. After a long flight from overseas it is just wonderful to see Sydney Harbour as we come into land even though we then change to a domestic flight to Adelaide.