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    Has anyone compiled a list of what is available? I know there is a couple of Just Flight planes I do not have yet but not sure about thr rest.

    My installation of Windows 10 after trying Linux did not go so well. The Win setup detected my SSD and I thought my HD so everything looked good. This morning I get running low on storage messages and find that it has not detected my HD at all and thinks my 250gb SSD is the only drive. This was after downloading 150gb of AFS2 overnight. Is it possible to move my AFS2 to an external hard drive while I get this sorted out? ?(

    I will probably have to take my PC to a shop for fixing because quite frankly the Windows Help is not very helpful.

    Please disregard. I have found the answer in an earlier post.

    I was having some problems with Windows so decided to try Linux. I quickly found that I could not get AFS2 to work and that FlightGear was awful (more CTD's than take offs and truly horrible scenery). Reloading Windows tomorrow.

    My question is about reinstalling our game. My 250gb SSD is too small and I was wondering if Steam gives you the option of installing on the C drive instead:?:

    Probably a dumb question but I have been having issues with Windows 10. I was wondering if AFS2 runs under Linux:?:

    Another user raised a question about bridges on the far side (from JFK) of Manhattan. There are none there. This is great scenery but any chance of an upgrade coming please?

    A user on the Avsim forum said that the George Washington bridge is visible in the DVD version but not the Steam. If so, is there any update or similar we can have put on Steam for us please?

    We are getting some nice add on sceneries from users like iozojub for free nearly every day. That enhances the sim and gives us new places to see and fly to. Have you tried some of their files?

    Thanks for your work so far and for sharing those pics. Sailed into Sydney Harbour last week at the end of a cruise. Beautiful place. Looking forward to the release.

    Call me ignorant but I cannot see a link that will get me to files relating to the Missouri placed at Ford Island. I fired up my FSXSE to check it out in the Megascenery Hawaii and found this which is quite bizarre! I am thinking a missing ship in AFS2 is better than this result!!

    Hi All,

    I was just wondering if there is a scenery object for this ship? I could not see it when using the Oahu scenery and cultivation.