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    Other way round for me. MSFS is my primary and FS 4 secondary. I view the forums and watch youtube channels like David McKee's more than I fly either. :)

    Sorry but the only thing I can see is the Landmarks hide or show slider in General settings, and that does not work for me in FS2023. It did work in FS2022 after the last update so I am just asking if the devs can do whatever they did for FS2022 in its last update for FS2023. I like to explore the world and it is good for me to be able to see the landmarks whilst doing so.

    Hallo IPACS. Ich liebe deine Arbeit. Ich glaube, Sie haben im September ein Update für FS2022 veröffentlicht, das unter anderem die Anzeige von Landmarks für Android-Benutzer wie mich korrigiert hat. Ich verwende ein Lenovo Stylus Yoga 11 Tablet. Ich habe vor ein oder zwei Wochen ein Upgrade auf FS2023 durchgeführt und wieder werden keine Landmark-Etiketten auf meinem Computer angezeigt. Könnten Sie bitte den Fix, den Sie für FS2022 vorgenommen haben, auf FS2023 anwenden, damit ich sie sehen und herausfinden kann, wohin ich fliege, bitte? Ich möchte nicht bis September 2023 warten, um sie zu sehen.

    Hello IPACS. I am loving your work. Back in September I think it was you released an update for FS2022 that fixed the Landmarks display amongst other things for Android users like me. I use a Lenovo Stylus Yoga 11 Tablet. I upgraded to FS2023 a week or two ago and again have no Landmark labels displaying on my machine. Could you please apply whatever fix you did for FS2022 to FS2023 so I can see them and work out where I am flying please? I do not want to wait till September 2023 to see them. ;(

    I have MSFS on my games PC because it has full world coverage. I have bought every Australian add on for it whIch has cost me a lot even at sale prices. BUT if your internet is patchy (which it always is at my house) then photogrammetry can be a problem. No issues with AFS4 which is why I prefer it. :)

    Hi, Happy Christmas to you all first of all. I bought FS2023 yesterday and the landmarks do not work on my Android Lenovo tablet. Is there a fix for this or is it scheduled for a fix please? I am sorry if this might have been answered before but any input would be appreciated thanks.

    So looking forward to getting home and firing up the main PC for an AFS 4 fix and also my Lenovo Tablet for getting FS2023. Been confined in my cabin for the last 6 days with Covid. Caught it on day 2 of a 10 day cruise. Good to keep up to date by reading your posts. Thanks guys.

    I only noticed last night that Landmarks are now working in my Android FS2022 version. They were fixed back in September and I missed it. I am wondering when they release FS2023 what will not work on the Android version. I am thinking I will hold off and see the comments first.

    You can install the whole lot onto an external SSD through Steam. I have had MSFS 2020 running from mine as well as AFS4. The external SSD is usually just as fast as the internal HD so you should not notice any difference.